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WorkCompBizOpp is a rare B2B opportunity within the U.S. workers' compensation industry. Learn from our current business model that is clearing a 25%+ NET margin during COVID-19. Looking for a new, stable career but feel uncertain due to current times? We'll make you an entrepreneur. One-time fee of $34,500.

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Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $50,000
Total Investment $34,500
Financing Assistance None
Training & Support Yes
Home Office Location Alpharetta, GA

Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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WorkCompBizOpp - Business Opportunity

Disclaimer: People looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, a free business plan, or who are unsure about committing to a business, please do not request our information. To those who are serious about launching a unique business from the ground up and meet our requirements, we’d love to hear from you. Previous business experience is preferred.

The premise of the WorkCompBizOpp opportunity is servicing your insurance carrier and insured clients with their workers' compensation claims through your Return-to-Work programs. Your programs will find temporary and permanent jobs for injured workers who are cleared to return to work under some type of physical restriction (usually lifting).

This is NOT a job placement business. This is NOT a headhunter/recruiter business. Injured workers are NOT your clients. Your revenue does not come from placing people into jobs (thankfully!). Your goal is finding and proving suitable jobs exist.

Your paying clients will include large and small employers/insureds as well as insurance carriers, and third party administrators. If you like selling to the higher-up executives, WorkCompBizOpp is up your alley.

The WorkCompBizOpp business model is taken from our sister company that is currently thriving during COVID-19. Many businesses have closed while we have hired additional people and our revenue is up. 

Our business model was designed around three key factors: profitability, stability, and flexibility:

Profitability – Our business model has cleared margins that compete with any franchise, and we continue to thrive during COVID-19. We are able to clear great margins due to minimizing unnecessary overhead while establishing a profitable rate sheet for services rendered. 

Stability – Workers’ Compensation is about as stable of an industry as they come. There is no preventing workplace injuries, and employers will always be responsible for their employees who get injured on the job. During COVID-19, work comp claims are on the rise, which is a very good thing for our business.

Flexibility – The business model is work-from-home based. All the tools needed to run you business are within an arm’s reach.


  1. Successful Business Model - With WorkCompBizOpp, you access a business model that has produced excellent profit margins* – and outstanding net income. For first-time business owners and veteran entrepreneurs alike, the lean WorkCompBizOpp expense structure is a welcome alternative to many franchise opportunities.* Our business model has yielded a 5-year average GROSS margin of 84.4% and a 5-year average NET margin of 20.6%.- your results are not guaranteed
  2. Successful During COVID-19 - Our current business has not reduced payroll during the virus - in fact, we have added on to our team! Our revenue is continuing to grow and we are operating a NET margin greater than 25%.
  3. Lower Cost of Entry - At $34,500, WorkCompBizOpp puts you in the Return-to-Work profession. Our fee is a faction of the cost of franchises that often produce a lower bottom line for owners. It’s a relatively modest one-time price to pay for a career opportunity that offers the exciting perks of business ownership.
  4. Less Competition - You won’t find a business like WorkCompBizOpp on every corner, in every town, or even in every county. Reduced competition in comparison to many franchises means higher upside potential.
  5. Complete (and Quick) Training - Training in the WorkCompBizOpp business model is as comprehensive as it is fast. After three intensive days of training, you’re ready to enter the Return-to-Work field as an owner/operator. To participate, no prior experience is required though business experience is beneficial.
  6. Full U.S. as Your Territory - Many businesses are limited by geographic restrictions. Their “target group” often consists of people in one town or even one zip code. The good news: with WorkCompBizOpp, you’re never limited geographically. After you complete training, you’re free to work with clients down the block or across the country.
  7. Freedom! - Turned off by business opportunities requiring you to operate under a highly structured approach, with little or no room for creativity? You won’t find that with WorkCompBizOpp. Following training, you’re free to build on our successful approaches. Plus, you pay no royalties or commissions, so you keep what you earn.

WorkCompBizOpp is for entrepreneurs ready to embrace a best practices approach. People most likely to benefit from WorkCompBizOpp training and succeed as Return-to-Work business owners are good listeners and hard workers. The WorkCompBizOpp model includes an aggressive approach, so preparedness to be aggressive at work is a major asset. Veterans of the corporate world who’ve managed teams will find that experience helpful if they’re looking to significantly scale the business. Experience in sales and marketing is useful but not required. 

No prior experience is needed to succeed with WorkCompBizOpp, just the desire to start and grow your own business.

When you request info, we’ll give you our FREE guide, “OVERVIEW OF THE OPPORTUNITY.” You’ll find out more about the key advantages of the WorkCompBizOpp business model, facts about the Workers’ Compensation industry, details on Return-to-Work programs you’ll be able to offer, complete information on WorkCompBizOpp training, steps to get started, and more.

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