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As a brand new franchisee, you have taken a courageous step. True success in America requires faith and risk. Every new business starts with one brave visionary willing to invest time, money, and effort into a dream. In this business, however, your dream materializes as you help others to realize theirs. Learn more now!

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W Talent Management
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Minimum Cash Required $100,000

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W Talent Management - Franchise

What product or service does this franchise or business opportunity offer?
W Talent Management is in the business of making dreams come true. For decades, the experienced, skilled, and motivated team of agents, coaches, and mentors, have helped thousands of aspiring entertainers and models open the door to an exciting career.

With the help of our experienced and expert team, you will build a clientele along with a network of industry contacts. Along the way, you will learn and implement W Talent Management’s principles of management and representation that lie at the foundation of our success.

The entertainment industry only rarely offers franchising opportunities. Although an award-winning success in its own right, W Talent Management has decided to expand its reach and brand by bringing entrepreneurs into the business.

Imagine getting involved with McDonald's on the ground floor as they pioneered fast food franchising? For motivated and hard-working business owners, we offer just as exciting of an opportunity!

What makes this franchise unique? Why should a prospect buy your franchise or business opportunity?
Only W Talent and Management has evolved its business model to bring 25 years of successful talent management principles and procedures to franchising. Franchisees have access to an experienced team who can help the new owner navigate around business-killing mistakes on a course toward success.

Although W Talent and Management has served as a pioneer in franchising for both modeling and acting, it offers entrepreneurs access to an award-winning team with decades of success developing talent. The firm also enjoys a high profile within the entertainment world with a massive network of industry contacts and established offices in cities

Are there any special requirements or background that is required?
While it helps to have had some experience acting, modeling, or running a business, only one necessary special requirement is needed for success . . .


Bring an enthusiastic attitude, a solid work ethic, the willingness to learn, and a desire to help others succeed. Enthusiasm and energy are contagious and will “infect” your staff, your clients, and your industry contacts. W Talent Management will help educate you on what you need to know, but remember, the right attitude and approach lie at the foundation of each and every success story.

How long has this franchise or business opportunity been around?
Although franchising with W Talent Management has not been available long, the agency has over a quarter of a century worth of experience in successfully promoting acting, modeling, and other talent in the entertainment industry. We have established a strong record of success that franchisees can use as a resource to promote their own success.

The vision of president and CEO Kelli Walters is at the core of W Talent Management. Ms. Walters comes from the modeling industry where she learned and mastered all elements from production and auditioning right down to make up.

Starting at the age of 24 she operated her own agency. In April 2009, she became a part of the prestigious Wilhelmina corporate family and managed the most successful affiliate office in the chain of Wilhelmina affiliate agencies which spread across the US and into Asia. Since April 2017, Ms. Walters separated from Wilhelmina Models and created W Talent Management.
Ms. Walters’s experience helped her to develop W Talent Management’s unique focus on education and development of talent. She emphasizes that aspiring models, actresses, and actors must focus on learning essential skills, professional demeanor, and continually expanding one’s knowledge.

No one comes into the business with all of the tools to succeed. W Talent Management believes in helping aspiring professionals acquire those as they work.

Do you offer training and support?
W Talent Management has developed principles, protocols, and procedures that have led directly to its 25 years of success and brand expansion into America’s fashion and entertainment capitals. Franchisees will receive four to six weeks of intensive training to learn the W Talent Management way of successful representation and operation.

Once the franchise has set up and started operation, the W Talent Management team will continue to mentor and advise the new members of the company family. Your success is our success and our team will do what it takes to make sure that your franchise succeeds.


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