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Surface 2 Surface is a decorative concrete and surface solutions company that is recognized globally on the Discovery Channels hit TV show “Garage Rehab” and CNBC’s “Cash Pad”. Our exclusive S2S brand of products are offered to the consumer Exclusively through our S2S Dealership network. Learn more about this exciting opportunity!

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Surface 2 Surface
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $60,000
Total Investment $70,000 - $100,000

Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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Surface 2 Surface - Business Opportunity

The Industry
The floor and surface coatings industry is in high demand as more and more commercial and residential owners choose to utilize these high tech flooring systems, in turn this has led to a rapid expansion within the specialty flooring segment, in particular, within niche market of epoxy flooring, architectural concrete resurfacing and specialty coatings sector. The industry has rapidly expanded into Automotive / Aerospace, Commercial Office Buildings, Food and Beverage, Retail and Grocery, Hospitality, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Industrial and Residential markets.

The Brand
At S2S Global, we have created a industry leading brand and developed a national and global presence through our TV exposure as the primary flooring and surface provider on Discovery Channels “GARAGE REHAB” with Richard Rawlings & Russell Holmes and soon to appear on CNBC’s “Cash Pad” With the Bachelorettes Jojo Fletcher & Jordan Rogers and on the brand new up and coming version of “Extreme Home Makeover” where we offer our unique line-up of high quality products and services. It is this exclusive global brand recognition coupled with our wide range of commercial and residential flooring and surface solution products and applications, that has exponentially grown the S2S Brand opportunity for projects all over the world.

The Opportunity
Surface 2 Surface Global is proud to announce our powerful but simple S2S Dealership program that creates the ability to quickly expand into a wide variety of new markets utilizing our proprietary products and applications. We are looking for business minded individuals, flooring professionals, or existing companies that possess a strong work-ethic. Moreover, ones who are interested in learning/following our proven exclusive emerging technology who want to grow with a globally recognized brand. Certified Dealers will be issued exclusive territories and will be trained on the core aspects of the installation process and S2S business methodology while having exclusive access to the premium products and IP offered by S2S Global. New Dealers may also have the opportunity to assist on set with the installations on “Garage Rehab” and most importantly, learn the unique culture of the S2S Dealership and Brand. With the expansion of our industry into new fields, S2S Global has opened not only new market spaces, but entirely new revenue streams in areas where the work is essentially virgin to our niche industry segment. High profit margins combined with a reasonable cost of entry, allow for a strong investment potential. The explosion in our unique industry provides our S2S Dealers with a strong opportunity for rapid growth. The Dealer shall have the minimum financial qualifications necessary to fund the opening of the dealership and the first few months of operations. Owning an S2S Global Dealership combines entrepreneurial drive and business commitment with experience and resources of a successful company, resulting in a rewarding ROI.

Many S2S Dealerships may choose to start out in residential and then graduate into the highly profitable commercial side of the business. Due to the high volume of interests created by Surface 2 Surface’s TV presence, owning an S2S Dealership is a rare opportunity to be part of a growing market segment that has immediate need for representation across the Globe. The S2S Dealership opportunity offers a strong marketing system allowing Dealerships to leverage our recognized brand to effectively grow their S2S Dealership businesses. We offer marketing strategies to grow your new Dealership including web marketing and SEO, Pay Per Click promotions, national press releases and PR work that drives traffic directly to your exclusive Dealership territory.

About S2S
Surface 2 Surface Global is a superior USA made liquid polymer and decorative concrete products manufacturing company. Our S2S brand of products are offered to the consumer exclusively through our (Surface 2 Surface) S2S Dealership network. Our extensive diversified line of superior products are used in decorative coatings, concrete repair compounds, polymer modified urethane systems, decorative concrete overlay systems and a wide range of media, quartz and broadcast systems. Our unique premium line of products provide the end user with years of beautiful surface protection while concurrently virtually eliminating warranty related calls to the dealership.

At Surface 2 Surface Global, our continued product development is based on decades of on-site experience, therefore offering helpful practical advice and delivering economical solutions to fulfill the varied needs of our exclusive national network of Surface 2 Surface product Dealers and their customers. Our Surface 2 Surface Global blending facilities are committed to industry relevance by maintaining and developing “state of the art” blending technology. This effort has positioned S2S to be a Global market leader of high-quality polymer modified concrete, epoxy, urethane and customized specialty coating flooring solutions.

S2S proprietary custom designed formulations contain resins, polymers, and components sourced from leading manufacturers globally. Our vast product range has been industry tested and assiduously proven over years through onsite applications and a long list of satisfied customers.

Surface 2 Surface Global’s is 100% USA owned and operated and can “design” custom specialty formulations to suit the consumers specific needs. This unique position provides our Dealerships and their consumers with the reassurance they are dealing directly with the manufacturer and with a blending facility equipped with the latest blending technology.

All Surface 2 Surface Global products are manufactured and sourced to rigorous quality control standards. Key S2S brand products are continuously tested in order to improve our custom formulations ensuring the exceptional performance of the product. This guarantees the quality of our products is up to the standard that our Dealerships and their customers expect when they see the Surface 2 Surface (S2S) brand.

The Surface 2 Surface Global warehouses and distribution facilities maintain large stocks to ensure scalable fulfillment levels with fast order turnaround and delivery to our Global network of Surface 2 Surface Dealers.

Once you become an exclusive Dealer of Surface 2 Surface Global products, you now have the ability to, not only be your own Boss, but to provide your customers the most cost-effective pricing for the highest quality products on the market.

Why Own a S2S Global Dealership?

  • Low entry and overhead costs make it easy to ramp up your S2S Dealership business and allows you keep more of the money you make.
  • NO MONTHLY ROYALTY FEE’S! Since your new S2S Dealership is not a Franchise, you don’t have to give up a percentage of your monthly income.
  • Pay as you go! You grow at your pace and purchase specialized equipment and resources only as you need them.
  • Choose your Niche! Your S2S dealership can be customized to fit your desired products offering. Epoxy floors, Stamped Concrete Overlays, countertops and even vertical systems.
  • Construction/concrete experience isn’t necessary! We offer and provide extensive training and support for you and your installation team.
  • Our Dealership Owners love being able to connect with homeowners and businesses that want to make a big impression.
  • With our worldwide exposure, Surface 2 Surface is soon to be a household name by rapidly becoming one of the most recognized names in the Epoxy Floor, Architectural Concrete Surfacing, concrete resurfacing and specialty coatings space.
  • By becoming and S2S Dealer you have instant relevance as you become part of an exclusive group of S2S Dealers involved in an aggressively emerging niche market that is part of a popular growing trend in both the commercial and residential markets.
  • As a S2S Dealer, you will be associated with a global brand that currently is the only Epoxy floor and Architectural Concrete Surfacing and specialty coatings company appearing on multiple major TV networks such as; The Discovery Channel’s “Garage Rehab” and CNBC’s “Cash Pad” and “Extreme Home Makeover”!
  • With global distribution, these TV shows are seen in every market in all 50 states. Moreover, since these shows are broadcast globally in 139 different countries and translated in 8 different languages, this gives the Surface 2 Surface brand the illustrious distinction of the only Epoxy floor, Architectural concrete surfacing and specialty coatings company that is legitimately world-renowned.
  • You don’t have to figure things out on your own! By being part of the S2S Family of Dealership owners, you will instantly have access to our growing worldwide network of S2S Dealers and you will learn the techniques being used all over the world.

Training and Product Support
We provide our S2S Dealers with detailed training for each of the products that you plan to offer your customers in your exclusive market. Although Surface 2 Surface is not a franchise, our Dealership Owners can call the S2S Global home office for help on any project or product question that may arise. You will also be able to access our Dealership network to discuss job specific and product installation related questions, marketing questions, business related questions and much more.

We have an exceptional understanding of field scenarios and can talk you through many issues that may arise on a project. Moreover, you’ll have an experienced guide advising you every step of the way. Best of all, if you need project specific piece-of-mind, with our on-site consultation services, we will provide you with an expert technician that will work with you and your team on your actual job site and walk you through the steps!

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