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Honor Yoga

Quick Summary

By partnering with Honor Yoga to operate your yoga studio, you are joining a far-reaching community of yogis, teachers and business leaders focused on personal and spiritual growth. If bringing yoga to the world is your passion, and you have the leadership skills to manage and own your studio we are looking to work with you.

Quick Facts

Minimum Cash Required$100,000
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Honor Yoga

About Honor Yoga
An eco- and beginner- friendly yoga studio bringing yoga for every body to your community. We believe in the physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and social connection for mind, body and self. 

Be your own boss. Quality of life. Give back to community. Proven System. Minimize Risk. Support and Structure.
From one flagship location starting in 2013, Honor offers an unprecedented model in the yoga industry for growth potential, financial sustainability, and brand identity. Yoga is the fastest growing fitness practice in the United States. This means growing business and career opportunities. We live in a time when personal power and wellness are becoming priority. Yoga is the place. It strengthens your body and supports overall well-being, emotional health, and fosters community and social awareness.

The Honor Yoga brand is mission driven to provide welcoming, beginner-friendly, and accessible yoga studios that foster and support community and the environment. This reflects Honor’s understanding and commitment to yoga as a practice supporting physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and community health and wellness.

Honor Yoga’s vision is that each studio reflects our belief that yoga is a practice for everyone and that we support this in every aspect of our business. We envision that our mission is delivered with friendliness, warmth, and in studios that are built and maintained with the health and respect of the environment as essential to all wellness. Our vision includes empowering studio owners with the tools necessary to be instantly successful and situated for and growth. And imagine the result of what we have created: health, wellness, and happiness for those who come to us to practice because we’ve lived up to our mission and vision with the highest possible quality of teaching, class offerings, and training opportunities.


  • We value the practice of yoga for the social, emotional, physical, intellectual and community health and well-being it supports.
  • We value individuality, flexibility, commitment and dedication in how we work as a team of franchisees.
  • We value community in every studio and amongst our studio owners and our corporate team.
  • We value the health of the studio environment and the health of the environment as a whole.
  • We value innovation and technology in serving the practice and making it more available.

Bring the benefits of yoga to as many possible. That’s the Honor mission. Make it yours.

This opportunity has a minimum cash requirement of $60,000.

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