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At Frozen Yogurt Store Developers (FYSD), we help entrepreneurs attain their dreams. Our comprehensive program enables you to open and successfully run your own, independent frozen yogurt store. You supply the guts and passion – we supply the experience. Check out this fantastic fro-yo business opportunity.

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Frozen Yogurt Store Developers
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $20,000
Financing Assistance None

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We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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Frozen Yogurt Store Developers - Franchise

Frozen Yogurt Store Developers is Your 100% Turnkey Entry Path into the Highly Profitable, Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Industry!
At Frozen Yogurt Store Developer (FYSD) we help entrepreneurs attain their dreams.  Our comprehensive program enables you to open and successfully run your own, independent frozen yogurt store.  You supply the guts and passion – we supply the experience.

Consumers are looking for healthy, low-fat and inexpensive dessert treats.  The lack of flavorful, fun dessert choices has lead to the explosive growth of the frozen dessert business in general - and the frozen yogurt business in particular.  The frozen dessert industry is estimated to generate $28 Billion in annual sales with continuing growth expected as the desire for healthy and inexpensive dessert choices increases.  The FYSD business model features self-service.  Customers operate the dispensers themselves to create their own, personalized favorite treat and are charged based on the weight of their creation at checkout.

These Core Services Deliver Success
We provide every critical service needed to get your independent frozen yogurt store open and on the pathway to long-term success.  Our comprehensive package covers these 8 vital factors:
  1. Financing Assistance
    We routinely open stores for people who believed they had no chance to secure funding.
  2. Site Location Assistance and Lease Negotiation
    Finding the right location for a store and then negotiating the commercial lease requires skill and experience.  We maintain relationships with leasing agents and landlords from coast to coast.
  3. Complete Store Design and Build-Out Service
    We install and set up everything for you.  When our Build-Out Supervisor's job is completed, we hand over the keys and you are in business!
  4. High Quality Yogurt, Equipment and Ingredient Supplier Network
    You have full access to our extensive supplier network for the life of your business.  That means you'll be able to provide the very best product available – based on our discounted cost.
  5. State-of-the-Art Training
    90% of small businesses that fail, do so because of lack of skills and knowledge on the part of the owner.  Our training and support is designed to completely eliminate the lack-of-experience factor.
  6. New Store Operations Assistance
    We assign a New Store Specialist to help you through the critical first 60 days of operation.
  7. Ongoing Wholesale/ Customer Support
    After your first 60 days, a Support Representative will be permanently assigned to work with you for the life of your store.  From purchasing and personnel to operations and security – we've seen and solved them all.
  8. Advertising and Marketing Support
    Better understanding of how to sell to your customers means that more of them will be walking through your doors.  We show you how to get the word out.
Smarter Than a Franchise
Frozen Yogurt Store Developers is not a franchise, but we do offer every support and service that franchises provide - and more - for the life of your business.  In the FYSD model, you make 100% of the decisions for your business, keep 100% of the profits you earn, and remain completely independent.  Our role is to provide you with all the counseling, service and support that an owner expects from a franchise.  Who should make the final decision on issues crucial to your business? A franchise rulebook - or you?  A franchise start-up cost that's potentially $200,000 higher than an FYSD store, plus ongoing royalties and fees is hard to understand, much less justify.  At some point, you cease to be an independent entrepreneur and are instead paying to be their employee.  Avoid being strapped by the outrageously high costs associated with owning a franchise.
Building On a History of Success
Frozen Yogurt Store Developers is the latest concept to result from the success of our parent company. Discount Retail Store Services (DRSS).

Back in 1992, James Wichert opened the first Dollar Store in Nevada.  Its immediate success resulted in an unexpected opportunity: customers and tourists began asking for his advice and assistance in opening their own stores – across the United States.  Mr. Wichert soon found himself at the forefront of a brand new enterprise, the independent retail store development business.

That business has grown steadily by helping entrepreneurs throughout the US, Canada and now worldwide, achieve their dream of owning their own business.  From that original Dollar Store model, DRSS has successfully expanded into several other retail concepts, including Mail Box stores, Party stores, Clothing and Teen stores and Fitness centers.  Now, after 20 years, 3,000 stores and counting, Frozen Yogurt Store Developers promises to be the best choice for anyone with the determination to make it in retail fast food – without the burden of a franchise.

Let's Get Started On Your Future Today
Frozen Yogurt Store Developers provides the most economically priced 100% turnkey package in the industry.  According to FRANdata, the average cost to start a frozen yogurt franchise is about $400,000.  With FYSD, owners get everything they need, training included, starting at an amazingly low $119,900.  Often, most if not all of this cost can be financed with the help of our Finance Department and professional credit specialists.

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