EnviroLogik – Comprehensive Sanitizing, Drain Line & Odor Solutions - Franchise

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At EnviroLogik, we care about nature, our communities and our franchisees. We help local businesses and keep people and the environment healthy. We use unique environmentally friendly products and provide truly amazing and necessary services. Learn more about the costs, benefits, and available locations today!

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EnviroLogik – Comprehensive Sanitizing, Drain Line & Odor Solutions
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $25,000

Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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EnviroLogik – Comprehensive Sanitizing, Drain Line & Odor Solutions - Franchise

If You Are Like Us...

  • You want a unique business that can’t be replaced by Amazon, Google or drones.
  • You want to help your customers and the environment.
  • You want to build a successful business that you can sell, hire people to run or leave as a legacy.
  • You want a way to be involved and to give back to your community.
  • You want to take control of your income and your lifestyle.

Who We Are
We are a small group of enthusiastic, hard-working businesspeople and scientists, dedicated to helping great people take control of their income and their lifestyle by building successful EnviroLogik businesses, protecting the environment and giving back to their communities.

What We Do

  • Our bioremediation process uses live vegetative bacteria (“good bacteria”) to eat fats, oil and grease (FOG) in the drains – like probiotics for the business! This passes less FOG through the drain lines, and the by-products are just water and CO2.
  • We introduce the bacteria manually or automatically into the drain lines on a regular basis to maintain optimal effectiveness.
  • Mechanical cleaning methods may also be offered as part of our service or we can refer local service providers.
  • Our Oil Recovery Unit (ORU) is an ingenious, compact and cost-effective device that recovers oil for recycling before it enters the drain line. Customers may get payment for this recycled oil, helping to offset the cost of our services!
  • Grease trap monitoring and maintenance ensures the effectiveness of the required grease traps and confirms compliance with local ordinances and regulation. This may also allow the grease traps to be pumped out less often and makes sure that pumping is being completed effectively, reducing service costs!
  • We teach and monitor management Best Practices, which helps our clients help us reduce drain line and odor problems.

How We Can Help You Start and Build a Great Business

  • Amazing Products and Services - We use the power of bioremediation, which is a natural process in which bacteria consume grease, sugars and other organic materials that are commonly the cause of drain blockages. These vegetative bacteria are non-toxic, non-pathogenic, and most importantly - alive. Most other products on the market use non-vegetative bacteria called spores, which usually require an extensive amount of time to germinate and become active. This is why a lot of products found on the market simply do not work.
  • Training - We have developed a battery of online courses for you and for your staff to give you a basic understanding of the FOG and Odor Control industry and of the products and equipment you’ll use in the EnviroLogik business.
  • Marketing Assistance - We provide each location with a dynamic micro-website, which will inform potential customers of the problems you can solve and the products and equipment you will use, drive inquiries and promote environmental awareness. You will be able to customize your website with photos and videos, testimonials and specific services you offer, and you can link to environmental causes, educational resources, local events and companies you work with.
  • Coaching and Support - We believe it is our responsibility to help you increase your revenue and, more importantly, grow your profitability. This means helping you get more and larger customers, keeping your staff turnover low, improving your service delivery and customer experience, decreasing your operating expenses and increasing your efficiencies.

We Would Love to Speak With You

  • If you have questions about the EnviroLogik opportunity
  • If you want to help local businesses, your community and the environment
  • If you want more informationIf you want to take control of your family’s income and lifestyle

Request more information now!

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