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EmployerNomics are "matchmakers" pairing employers to HR companies, like a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), a payroll company, or HR consulting firm. People in insurance, accounting, human resources and most important, sales are sought for this opportunity.

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Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $35,000
Total Investment $42,350 - $61,500
Franchise Fee $25,000
Training & Support Yes
Home Office Location Orlando, FL

Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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EmployerNomics - Franchise


EmployerNomics is a sales organization in the Human Resources Services Outsourcing field.  We function the majority of the time as Professional Employer Organization (PEO) brokers, although we also work with payroll companies and human resource consultants.  Our vision is to provide effective employer and HR outsourcing to assist employers in outsourcing the tedious tasks that can be handled by our suppliers such as payroll processing, payroll taxes, workers' comp insurance, other benefits and basic HR compliance.
Functioning as brokers, we are a sales company.  We perform very little of the HR and insurance functions ourselves, which allows us to be strategic partners with insurance agents, brokers, CPAs and HR consultants.
Ideal candidates for a franchise are existing PEO brokers, insurance agents, agencies, CPAs or HR consultants.  It is our experience that candidates that come from this field will have a much easier transition to our business.  While we accept candidates without related experience, the time estimated to success should be adjusted upward.
Franchise owners will enjoy the advantages we provide such as brand awareness, market visibility, higher commission levels, more options for placing clients, contractual protection, sales training, professional standards and best practices in the HR outsourcing industry.  Utilizing our established, contracted relationships with PEOs and other HR services providers, our internet presence, our national franchise network, our extensive initial and recurrent sales training and our strong operations systems, the franchise owner's chances of success are greatly increased.


When you join the EmployerNomics team as a franchise owner, you will receive continual support in a number of different critical and important areas for starting, growing and maintaining your new business:

  • Operational Support - we will be providing you with support at your location, along with managing tools, operational documentation and other management tools needed for you to open, manage and successfully operate your franchise successfully
  • Strategic Partners - our established and contractual relationships with the nations leading HR services outsourcing companies gives you reliable service, quick response, and profitable, sustainable, residual income.
  • Marketing Support - our website and SEO marketing campaigns will be of immediate benefit to all franchise owners.  The national network of agents and brokers we maintain will also provide leads and potential clients.
  • Sales Support - our skilled and experienced sales trainers will assist you and your sales staff in developing a reliable, efficient and effective sales system.
  • 2 weeks of initial training at the EmployerNomics HQ in Orlando, FL (or at other locations designated by HQ) immediately prior to opening your franchise.  We will guide you through the operations, sales and legal requirements so that you know and understand all the intricacies of your business, and can learn from the mistakes we've made along the way - so you don't have to make them yourself.  Sales, classroom and field training is included.
  • Bi-weekly conference calls with other franchise owners, including sales training
  • Annual "refresher" training available in person as needed.
  • Monthly webinars and conference calls to address specific problems and industry trends.
  • Annual Convention to meet with other franchise owners to share and grow together.
  • Weekly email bulletins on the latest in strategic partner relationships and changing landscape.
  • Custom training available as needed
  • A new franchise owner will be expected to attend initial training, disclose all current business in the industry, and sign the franchise contract.
  • All franchise owners will be required to be on the monthly Operation Updates conference call or webinar.
  • Franchise owners are expected to cooperate and help each other with all of the sales processes
  • Franchise owners are required to respect territorial limits when working with other franchisees.
  • Sales reports shall be submitted when requested.
The initial franchise territories will a protected area (using zip codes) containing approximately one million population base to develop, with opportunities to expand in to additional territories with additional licensing.
There are procedures in place which will allow you to benefit from working across territories without infringing upon the rights of other franchises.
We are looking for entrepreneurs and salespersons who value the process of sales and customer relations.  If sales were easy everyone would do it.  If owning a business didn't involve taking calculated risks then all would be business owners.
Desired Qualifications and Skills Recommended:
  • Sales experience and understand of needs based selling.  Willing to learn OUR sales system
  • PEO, Employer Insurance and / or Human Resources background or skills
  • Self sufficient and self motivated.  This is a 100% commission business
  • Patience and "long view" strategy.  This is a business that takes time, but generates long term, long-tailed residual income.
  • People skills.  Sales involves people.  If you aren't willing to talk to strangers, this isn't for you.
  • Staying power.  Because of the extended sales and commission cycle, it will be months before enough income is generated to support you and your staff.
  • Able to meet initial investment. A franchisee will need between $41K to $62K to get started and get the commission pipeline running.
If you feel you are a candidate you may inquire with no obligation.  Please contact us using the address, email or phone number shown in the header.  If you are not comfortable with sales and commission income, please do not inquire.  This business is not for you.

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