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BIOSWEEP offers innovative solutions for indoor odors, air pollutants, mold & other contaminants. We have excellent gross margins, offer flexible schedules that YOU set, and little market competition. Earn financial independence by tapping into this $100+Billion/year market!

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BIOSWEEP Service Provider Franchises
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $62,053
Financing Assistance None

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BIOSWEEP Service Provider Franchises - Franchise

Smells Good
Since 2007, BIOSWEEP® has been making waves in cleaning and restoration markets for deodorization, surface decontamination, and antimicrobial treatment applications.  Our unique BASE Treatment and Biosweep Surface Defense (BSSD) allow for fast and effective cleaning and disinfection, to rid interior spaces of unwanted odors and contaminants on jobs of any size and severity.

As a trained BIOSWEEP® Service Provider you will have the ability to rapidly:

  • Increase your sales to existing customers
  • Open new business in your existing markets
  • Strengthen existing and create New Business Relationships

BIOSWEEP® Mobile Franchises Provide Valuable, Cost-Effective Solutions to our markets.

INSTITUTIONAL - BASE Treatment removes Odor, Mold, Mildew, and Bacteria in Schools, Student Housing, Athletic and Child Day Care Facilities, as well as Facilities and Vehicle Fleet Management in Correctional, Law Enforcement, and Ancillary Healthcare.  Biosweep's Surface Defense (BSSD) offers added microbial resistance coating that reduces microbial activity for all applications.

  • BIOSWEEP provides improved IAQ in work environments and helps mitigate the spread of surface to skin infections.

COMMERCIAL - Permanent Removal of Embedded nuisance Odor for All types of Property Managers, Realtors, Hoteliers, New and Used Auto and Vehicle Dealerships of all kinds using BASE Treatment.

  • BIOSWEEP rapidly converts distressed and un-saleable inventory into revenue generating units same day at a reduced cost.

RESIDENTIAL - For Nuisance Odor Removal and IAQ improvement in private homes and vehicles.

  • BIOSWEEP removes years of embedded indoor odors, reduces the need for air duct cleaning, eliminates off gassing from new carpets, paints and other construction, and helps restore a healthy indoor environment.

Learn More About Integrating Our Mobile Service Franchise into your Business

BIOSWEEP® Service Provider Franchises consist of protected geographic territories throughout North America and abroad. Our Franchisees include Cleaning and Restoration, Facilities Maintenance, and General Contractors, as well as Entrepreneurs new to the business of providing high-level disinfection, odor removal, and antimicrobial services.

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