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America's Tax Office

Quick Summary

America's Tax Office is devoted to making it affordable and easy for anyone to start a tax prep business. We are seeking individuals who desire to start a tax office, at home or in a retail location, and are willing to work hard.

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Minimum Cash Required$499
Financing AssistanceNone
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America's Tax Office


Make Money in America
America's Tax Office is devoted to making it affordable and easy for anyone to start a tax preparation business.  Our entry fee is in the hundreds of dollars.  In fact, we do not make any profit from our modest entry fee.  We make our money at tax time by helping our Affiliates succeed.  Our contract is for one tax season and it does not contain a non-compete.  We are not concerned with experience, education, credit, or background.  We are seeking individuals who desire to start a tax office, at home or in a retail location(s), and are willing to work hard.

Why start a tax preparation business?
The tax business is one of the lowest-cost highest-return service businesses.  You can operate a tax preparation service with little more than a computer, internet connection, and a telephone.  Better still, is the built-in, recession-proof, demand.  Everyone must file.  In 2010, over 131 million people filed an income tax return and 61% of those used a paid preparer.  That means the target market is at least 87 Million people!  In good times or bad, tax returns will be filed and taxpayers will pay to have others prepare the returns.  Money will be made in the tax preparation business.  The only question is will you make any?

What services does ATO provide?
We will give you all you need to get your tax office up and running for the least amount of money as quickly as possible.  Through us, you will be able to offer the same products and services and look and feel like any national tax chain.

Our services include:

  • IRS Registration - We will walk you through IRS Registration and help you get your Preparer’s Tax Identification Number ("P.T.I.N.") and Electronic Filing Identification Number ("E.F.I.N.") or, if you are unable to acquire an E.F.I.N. for any reason, we will make one available to you.
  • Professional Tax Software - We have state-of-the-art Professional Tax Software that makes doing taxes very easy.  You never have to see a tax form.  Our interview mode prompts you to ask the taxpayer questions and you input the answers into the software. The software automatically selects and completes the tax forms and, in 15 minutes, you can accurately finish a garden-variety tax return.
  • Training - Our one-on-one training is second to none.  We will have one of our trainers call you and remote access your computer.  You will be able to view the trainer’s computer screen, ask questions and get answers on the spot while the trainer walks you through the software step-by-step and shows you how to prepare a tax return.  Also, we will supplement your one-on-one training with additional training materials, including videos, on a secure section of our web site.  Know now you will be able to learn the software in hours not days.  It is just that easy!   We will even train your entire staff at no additional cost.
  • Support - During tax season, we have 24/7 IT and Tax Support.  Because our software is on-the-cloud, our support team will resolve your issue in real-time by simply entering the tax return from our office and addressing your issue just as if we were sitting right next to you and your customer in your office.  You will never be put into voicemail or required to communicate your concern through email.
  • Bank Products - The most money is made in the retail tax preparation business from taxpayers who cannot pay in advance for our service.  Instead, we use a bank to collect their tax refund from the IRS and to withhold our fees.  That is called a Refund Transfer Bank Product.  With us, you can print your customers’ tax refund checks on-site or have your customers’ tax refunds applied to a debit card you issue them.  Do not worry about bank approval.  All of our Affiliates are guaranteed to be approved by virtue of our contract with the bank.

At America's Tax Office, we have learned the tax preparation business is more about location and marketing than it will ever be about taxes.  As such, we will assign you a Personal Coach who will guide you step-by-step and tell you exactly what to do to succeed.  Your Personal Coach will conduct a Market Analysis, direct Site Selection, handle Lease Negotiation, assist with Office Set-Up, recommend a Marketing Strategy, and help get you all the Marketing Materials and tools you need to succeed for the least amount of money.  You will even be able to give each and every customer a FREE 7” Android Tablet at no cost to you.  With us, you can turn a profit year one! Call today and let us explain how.

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