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JB is Now Serving as the National Ambassador for NutriMost

PITTSBURGH, PA (January 29, 2018) – James Brown (JB), Emmy-award winning broadcaster and NutriMost Wellness & Weight Loss (www.NutriMost.com), a leading Pittsburgh-based national wellness and weight loss franchise organization, have joined together to inspire people to lose weight with the goal of leading healthier lives.

Following his successful weight loss, and sustaining the healthy lifestyle, JB is the National Ambassador for NutriMost Wellness & Weight Loss, the company that helped him lose 84 pounds and he looks forward to using his success to motivate others. "Anything that I choose to affiliate with, I want to be sure there is a benefit to the public and I must believe in the process and the program. NutriMost has made a significant impact on my life and I am excited to share my positive experiences with the Program," said James Brown.

"The NutriMost Personalized Programs have helped transform thousands of lives by enabling clients to lose over 1.2 Million pounds. NutriMost currently has one of the largest networks of professional providers and continues to expand. Our relationship with JB enables us to connect with individuals on a much broader scale, empowering NutriMost to help more people reach their wellness and weight loss goals," said Dr. Ray Wisniewski D.C., founder and CEO, NutriMost Wellness and Weight Loss.

"It has always been, and continues to be, our primary goal to educate the public while providing the tools, support and the protocols that allows them to reach their wellness and weight loss goals. Combined with proprietary NutriMost products, technologies and protocols, and exceptional client support, NutriMost enables consumers to achieve substantive weight loss and potentially in cases when other programs have failed to produce meaningful results. NutriMost has proudly associated with JB because of his heartfelt belief and passion for NutriMost and his desire to share his results in hopes of inspiring others."

About NutriMost Wellness & Weight Loss

NutriMost Wellness & Weight Loss is one of the largest Wellness and Weight Loss Franchises in the country. NutriMost offers professionally-supervised weight loss and wellness programs that are tailored to clients’ needs based on nutritional science utilizing a proprietary program known as NutriMost Intelligence. The program utilizes a series of algorithms matched to nutritional databases to engineer the individualized programs, including personalized food lists and other lifestyle changes.

Through its network of company-owned and franchise locations, clients receive program support from trained NutriMost Wellness Coaches designed to educate, modify lifestyles and motivate. Through regular personal consultations, company websites, including NutriMost.com, apps, online client membership community and resources, and weekly broadcasts available on social media, clients receive a customized support program. NutriMost offers a complete line of professional, high quality, all-natural, supplements and personal care products to support each individual.

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