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NutriMost is an innovative wellness and weight loss company that utilizes proprietary technology, NutriMost Intelligence, to construct programs that help people live healthier lives. Learn more!

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Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $150,000
Net Worth Required $300,000
Total Investment $35,000 - $150,000
# of Existing Units 130
Home Office Location Penn Hills, PA

Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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NutriMost - Franchise

How NutriMost Works
NutriMost Wellness & Weight LossNutriMost offers the NutriMost Weight Loss Program, the NutriMost Forever Program, all-natural supplements, bath, body, and personal care products. NutriMost Programs are entirely customized for each individual and focus on education, personalized food and supplement plans, and client support.

Using NutriMost Intelligence, we analyze a client’s health history, wellness objectives, and specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies to generate a Weight Loss Program uniquely designed for each individual. Our wellness program, the NutriMost Forever Program, teaches individuals how to live a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, supplementation, activity level, and life choices.

Both programs are entirely customized for each individual’s unique requirements and focus on education, personalized food lists, and personalized supplement plans, along with exceptional client support. We offer professional guidance as well as high-quality, professional-grade nutritional products.

NutriMost Background
NutriMost Wellness & Weight Loss was developed after many year of intense scientific research by Dr. Ray Wisniewski, DC, renowned chiropractor, and nutritional expert, to bring his patients powerful solutions to their weight and wellness challenges. Based on his research, Dr. Wisniewski developed principles, strategies, and programs for his patients to assist them with their challenges. To date, clients on the NutriMost Programs have lost well over 1 million pounds!

NutriMost Helps Transform Lives
This is one of the many wonderful aspects about being a NutriMost Wellness and Weight Loss franchise. Our clients are extremely passionate about NutriMost; they are literally walking, talking billboards. Clients are passionate about NutriMost because it impacts their lives on a very personal level. Because of the results of our programs, we have something that every brand wants—a community of die-hard followers that promote the brand. This is due to such a strong emotional connection associated with our clients’ success, their happiness, and pride in their achievements. They call themselves the “NutriMosters” and social media continues to propel this movement.

Is This Franchise Right For You?
NutriMost Wellness & Weight LossNutriMost Wellness & Weight Loss is a high growth, professionally supervised wellness and weight loss franchise that is selectively available to nurses, physical assistants, doctors and other highly regarded health practitioners, as well as business-minded individuals willing to retain the services of a healthcare professional in that capacity. Our business concept is very unique. Every product offering and communication is parlayed into establishing a long-term business relationship with clients. The growth and dynamics of a NutriMost Wellness & Weight Loss franchise is rewarding professionally, personally and within one’s community.


"It is so rewarding being a part of this weight loss and wellness revolution. Clients share their success stories with tears in their eyes. People need what NutriMost offers."Dr. Noel
"NutriMost has profoundly changed my life. What attracted me was how it changed my relationship with food. I am excited to reach out and help TRANSFORM people’s lives one person at a time. The ULTIMATE benefit is having such a POWERFUL program that truly impacts a person’s life from the inside out! There truly is no comparison to what NutriMost has offer over any other programs or diets because this is a total lifestyle and a commitment to a healthier way of life. Over the last 3 plus years and several thousand clients that I've coached through the NutriMost transformation, I still love the success stories and to see the excitement in my clients face still gives me chills and tremendous gratitude. The vision for a healthier future is where I see NutriMost front and center, the standard of a true wellness and weight loss entity. I feel so blessed to be able to be a part in helping heal our community, transforming people’s lives to live longer, happier and certainly healthier."Todd
"NutriMost is truly unique because it is the most complete and individualized program on the market today. This provides the client with unsurpassed success, and the franchisee with ease of operation, and an almost endless stream of enthusiastic referral clients. NutriMost is big enough to provide all of the amenities of big business, but small enough to offer each franchisee individualized service and personalized care."Dr. Tom
"I just want to thank Dr. Ray for developing the program, software, and for putting together the NutriMost Program. It has reignited my enthusiasm for wellness practice and has been the most wonderful thing to happen to my practice. Not only is it a wonderful program in the results that it gets, but Dr. Ray has put together a total package that involves marketing which makes it very simple to apply in every day practice."Dr. James
"NutriMost Corporate is supportive in all areas of running your franchise. They are always available to help."Dr. Jeff
"It’s (NutriMost) done incredibly great things for my patients and we’ve seen anywhere from two to three thousand people in the last 2 ½ to 3 years. And it just keeps getting better."Dr. Vinnie

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