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TL Connects

Quick Summary

Fast & simple customer engagement platform with the highest industry adoption rates! Helping merchants grow frequency and retention through engagement. Attract, engage, reward and retain consumers to drive quantifiable revenue.

Quick Facts

Minimum Cash Required$599
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TL Connects

About Us
TL Connects has helped thousands of restaurants and retailers increase revenue by simplifying and automating digital relationship with their customers. Our proprietary customer engagement platform gives merchants endless flexibility and customizability including self-serve kiosk solutions, digital punch card, automated habit based triggers, and omni-channel communication platform that integrates SMS, MMS, e-mail, & social media.

Take advantage of our past success and build yourself a residual income by setting up web demos for our insides sales team.

It's Simple

  1. You setup the web demos and receive $10 for each qualified demo.
  2. Our talented inside sales team works to close the business and you start receiving 20% monthly residual.
  3. Spending just a few hours a day can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual residual.


  1. Lightning Fast Kiosk for Sign-ups and check-ins
  2. Digital Punch Card
  3. SMS & MMS Campaigns
  4. Trackable Campaign Offers
  5. Trigger-Based Auto-Responders
  6. “We Miss You” Lapsed Customer Offer
  7. Birthday & Anniversary Clubs
  8. Keyword Marketing
  9. Custom Mini-URLs
  10. Social Media Engagement
  11. Bounce Back Offers
  12. Email Marketing
  13. Mobile Coupon Barcode Redemptions
  14. Sweepstakes
  15. Compliance Tools
  16. Custom Branding
  17. Map Linking
  18. Jobs App

Military & Veteran Promotions

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  • Introducing the TL Connects Platform

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