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Special Events Research

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Earn $100,000 + as a research consultant utilizing wireless technology without ever conducting phone polls or face-to-face interviews. We specialize in conducting research at special events - trade shows, sports, conferences, expos, fairs, exhibits, tourism and others with mobile devices—all self-administered by the respondents. Since 1976.

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Minimum Cash Required$7,500
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Special Events Research

There are over 280,000 conventions/conferences/trade shows in the U.S. annually, with more than 80 million attendees. Feedback is among the most important goals at every show, event or meeting, but getting it is sometimes difficult or virtually impossible.  We are the national low-cost leader.  We literally invented interactive touch screen research for the world and have been in business since 1976.  

You would specialize in conducting research at special events - trade shows, sports, conferences, healthcare, business expos, local fairs, exhibits, tourism and countless others.  And you would do it with tablets, iPads and cell phones—all self-administered by the respondents. It’s fun, and the data you gather for your clients is critical for their planning.

Earn $100,000 + as an opinion research professional utilizing mobile devices without ever conducting phone polls or face-to-face interviews. 

We have trained over 70 licensees in 11 countries…this is NOT a statistics job, it’s an executive marketing and consulting career.  

Our program includes:

  • Four days of training in a conference room setting.   
  • Four nights lodging in Greater Orlando--or at the licensee's location in special circumstances.
  • Six Wi-Fi enabled tablets.
  • Training manuals, biz cards, invoices, sample surveys, etc. 
  • Only one licensee per territory of a million, but you can poll anywhere in the world. Training by the "father" of modern research technology. 
  • Continuous support to ensure you are representing your clients as a professional.

Think of our opportunity as a boutique business where you choose which industries you wish to survey according to your personal likes and tastes.



“I came to classroom training in 1990 — Mike showed me how to build my market research business 17 years ago, and I was successful enough to sell my firm and retire recently. I specialized in conducting self-administered touch polls at special events across the nation and beyond — mostly trade shows, and there are not enough professionals to service this vast market. My wife and I used this business to conduct research at venues where we wanted to vacation in — basically, all expenses paid! Mike literally originated high-tech research in the 1980’s, and his classroom training will change your life!"Troy C.
"Mike trained me how to launch my interactive market research business over 25 years ago, and now I’m near retirement after a successful and financially rewarding career. I’ve conducted research at trade shows across the country, in retail establishments, sporting and many other special events, healthcare, museums, official state projects, state fairs and more too numerous to list. Mike is a consummate professional pollster and taught me how to build a responsible consulting business — all without ever doing any face-to-face interviews or phone polls.”John S.

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Additional Investment

financing is available for up to half of the upfront fee (payable within a year)