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Servpro Cleanup & Restoration has grown into a top franchisor in the cleaning and restoration industry. Servpro offers a complete start-up package, professional training, a large support network and the technology to run a successful business. Inquire now - we would love to talk with you more about this opportunity!

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Servpro Cleanup & Restoration
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2024

Minimum Cash Required $40,000
Total Investment $216,905 - $270,780
Franchise Fee $80,000
Financing Assistance 3rd Party
Year Founded 1967
# of Existing Units 1526
Franchising Since 1969
Training & Support Yes
Home Office Location Gallatin, TN
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Servpro Cleanup & Restoration - Franchise

A Business Model with a Proven Track Record
Over the years, SERVPRO has grown into a top franchisor for the cleaning and restoration industry. This was not an accident or coincidence. SERVPRO provides franchisees with the following tools:

  • A franchise territory.
  • The SERVPRO brand name.
  • A complete start-up package.
  • A tested and proven method of running a business.
  • Professional training.
  • A support network of over 1,300 franchises.
  • The technology to run an effective business.
  • A Corporate staff who truly cares about "Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed."

Franchise Fundamentals.
10 Keys to a Quality Franchise System

How do you know if a franchise is the right one for you? SERVPRO® realizes selecting a franchise and a franchisor can be a difficult and confusing process. For this reason, SERVPRO developed the following list to help you in the franchise selection process. We suggest you follow these steps to find the right franchise for you. We hope your decision is SERVPRO! 

1) Interview Franchisees
The best way to learn about the quality of a franchise system is to speak with current franchisees. Call at least five franchisees and visit at least two. It will provide you a realistic look at the opportunity. In particular, ask about the following: 

  • Start Up Assistance
  • Market Demand
  • Profitability of the Franchise
  • Whether the Franchisee Would Do It Again

2) Visit the Franchisor's Headquarters
You should know what support the franchisor provides. Interview the franchisor's employees and see if there is an organized support effort. Most franchisors claim to have a comprehensive support system. Be sure you see what you’ve been told by the sales force. Visit the franchisor's team:

  • Training Department
  • Field Operational Support
  • National Accounts
  • Product and Supplies
  • Information Services
  • Advertising Department

3) Analyze the Financial Stability of the Franchisor 
If the highest source of revenue is franchise sales income, you should be concerned. A franchise must generate enough royalty revenue to maintain all company expenses. Otherwise, the franchisor is very vulnerable to problems. Also, note the equity in the company. A company should not be heavily in debt. 

4) Talk to Executive Management
Are they focused on the future of the company, or are they acting as day to day operations? How long has the management been in place? What have they done to improve the company? What are the current initiatives? Are the executives open and willing to speak with you? 

5) Initial Training
Talk to the last three franchises that completed training.

  • Was the training complete?
  • Do they feel well prepared?
  • Is there complete documentation?
  • What did their training consist of?
  • Is your equipment/products package complete?

6) Operating Support
The franchisor should offer comprehensive support, especially in the following areas:

  • Regular Meetings
  • Complete Documentation
  • Regular Visitations To Your Site
  • Employee Training
  • Newsletter and Bulletins
  • Product and Equipment Research & Development
  • National Accounts Support
  • Software/Automation Assistance
  • Local Training Assistance

7) Quality Name Recognition
The name, or trademark, is a primary value of the franchisor. Make certain the name of the franchise is known by key clients in the industry. 

8) The Industry

Within what industry is the franchise operating? Is the product or service a necessity? Is it a luxury/fad orientated item? How large is the industry? Is the product or service diversified enough to react to difficult entry markets, or is it a single product/service offering? 

9) Size of the Franchisor
The length of time in business and the total number of franchisees will indicate how mature the franchisor is in the marketplace. Quality Franchisors have steady growth and a good history of service to the franchisees. 

10) The Application Process
A franchisor should have a profile of the best franchise candidates. There should be an organized process of learning about the franchise offering. There should also be a qualification process for the franchisees. 

**Funding is available through the SBA.**  

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