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ReVolt Battery Exchange

Quick Summary

Open your own recession-proof Revolt Battery Exchange battery recycling and sales shop! Learn more about the costs, benefits, and available locations today!

ReVolt Battery Exchange
Cost, Fees & Facts for 2021

Minimum Cash Required$50,000
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ReVolt Battery Exchange - Information

The one in Reno is doing great! This is NEW technology in a proven recession-proof business. In operation since 2016 but only available to other entrepreneurs since July of 2019!

In addition to the ongoing revenue, this is a huge equity gain opportunity. Opening your own store means that you get in at the lowest possible cost and can grow equity from that point rather than paying for it upfront like you would with a turn-key opportunity. It's also flexible! It doesn't have to be a stand alone store, it can be will-call, or located within an already existing business. 

Our model can be added to existing businesses like Auto Repair shops, Smog shops, Tire shops, RV and more to greatly increase your revenues and walk-in traffic. And even better, add immensely to your profit by not imposing much additional overhead on an already going business.

This business is typically 50% cash. It can be operated with as little as 1 person. And it’s so simple that even people with hardly any knowledge of batteries can be trained in as little as 1 week (of the owners who have gone through training so far, none have needed more than a week). Yet, it can be expanded incrementally to become a large industrial operation or, more stores can be opened.

What happens when you take a proven viable business model that’s been around for decades and add new, proprietary technology to it? How about being able to operate in under 1000 sqft instead of 5,000 sqft? How about being able to operate the complete business with 1 person instead of 10? How about profit margins over 70%? It’s real. Not only does the technology work, but we’ve built a real, profitable store based on it that has been operating since August of 2016 and turned profitable in its 4th month of operation. Over 25,000 batteries have been processed by us to develop our proprietary equipment, software, and business methods.

We’ve begun manufacturing our technology and packaging our business methods and resources enabling us to sell these franchise-like operations as well as the secret equipment that makes them operate on a whole new level than their competition. People are amazed when they walk into our tiny store and find out what we do, and that we do it all here! They love the environmentally friendly part – a truly GREEN business, they love the community benefit and they love saving money! And, people will tell you how much they appreciate the service your business provides them and the community. You will meet other people in business, young people just getting started, people in hardship, car lovers, RVers, all kinds!

If you’re looking for a piece of the next big thing, this unique start-up could be the one for you. We are seeking entrepreneurs who want to be on the ground floor of this incredible opportunity.