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Real Estate Solutions is a property management game-changer. Highly profitable, pandemic proof and recession-resistant. You will need a real estate license (or to partner with someone who does) in order to take advantage of this opportunity. We are industry-leading in all the ways that matter, including support and training for franchisees.

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Real Estate Solutions - Property Management
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $55,000
Total Investment $54,866 - $71,766
Franchise Fee $35,000
Financing Assistance Available
Year Founded 2008
Training & Support Yes

Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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Real Estate Solutions - Property Management - Franchise

Franchise with a Property Management Game-Changer

Why Buy a Real Estate Solutions Franchise?
To make great money and to have more free time while doing it. There’s nothing quite like monthly recurring revenue, and that’s what property management provides. We encourage you to take a look at our website blog for an in-depth discussion on this topic, but for our purposes here, you should buy an RES franchise to make more money than you likely would with the other guys. It starts with paying less for a franchise fee, continues with paying less in royalties, and continues on further, by running a more competitive business model that allows you to add more doors quickly. 

The Myth of “Brand Recognition” in Property Management
The big property management franchises won’t tell you this, but landlords don’t hire “brand recognition.” This isn’t fast food or car insurance. What landlords hire, is you. And the reason they hire you, is because you can offer industry-leading pricing, service, communication and results as an RES franchisee. Industry-leading is a term we take very seriously, because it’s how we get the job done. When landlords are interviewing property management companies, and they make a comparison, Real Estate Solutions is their top choice. This translates into our franchisees winning the battle for doors to manage, and that’s how you make money in property management. 

What Are The Challenges?
Our company culture is based on transparency and integrity, and since you’re reading this as a prospective franchisee, we are showing our cards to you here, on this marketing website. There are no free lunches, and property management can be hard. 

  • Adding Doors - This is job #1 for a property manager. The marketing techniques you’ll learn from our system are incredibly effective, and our business model is loaded with value to prospective clients, but you have to make an honest self-assessment. If you’re not likable, if you aren’t articulate, and if you aren’t willing to put the time and work into the training and reading and understanding our systems, you will have trouble adding doors. We know the systems, processes, methods and business model franchisees purchase are excellent, but we’d be doing you a disservice to not mention that there are inherent personality traits necessary to make it work.
  • Understanding Efficiency - We know from many years of doing this, that some people understand efficiency better than others. Our systems are all designed around minimum touches and minimum time-spent per door. Everything we do must be scalable. If you do something with 1 door, you must be able to do it with 1,000 doors. Implementing this kind of ruthless efficiency while still being pleasant, professional and personable can be a challenge.
  • Working with Changing Technology - We are constantly evolving the technology we use, in order to stay on the cutting edge of property management. We always train with the new technology and ensure everything ties together seamlessly before pushing it downstream to franchisees, but franchisees need to be constantly open to tweaking their operation when the word comes down from HQ. Not everyone can embrace a culture of continuous improvement, but our franchisees have to.
  • An Academic Mindset - There’s a lot of reading. Just like on this ad. If you don’t have the mental stamina to read emails, read leases, read management agreements, etc., this is not the franchise for you. A lot of what we do involves research and critical thinking skills, and there’s no way around it. We position ourselves as elite professionals, and that’s what each franchisee must embrace. 

If you’re a driven self-starter, willing to put the work in, you’ll do amazing things with Real Estate Solutions!
We didn’t start selling franchises until we knew we had something proprietary, something proven and something compelling to offer. We’ve competed for doors -and won the battle- in multiple states, since 2008. We are excited to train you to do the same and to build something truly remarkable with you. 

Real Estate Solutions - Property Management Video

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