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Mosquito Authority franchisees earn annual residual income via regularly scheduled residential mosquito, tick & fly control services. Residential mosquito control is the fastest growing segment of the 8.6-billion-dollar pest control industry. Learn more about joining our team, now!

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Mosquito Authority
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $50,000
Net Worth Required $100,000
Total Investment $68,000 - $93,000
Franchise Fee $25,000 - $50,000
Year Founded 2005
# of Existing Units 151
Franchising Since 2011
Training & Support Yes
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Mosquito Authority - Franchise

Mosquito Authority franchisees earn annual residual income via regularly scheduled residential mosquito, tick and fly control services. Residential mosquito control is the fastest growing segment of the 8.6-billion-dollar pest control industry. Our franchisees perform over 600,000 mosquito, tick and fly prevention services annually in 38 states and Canada.

Many of our franchisees generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual revenue in this high margin business and do so with minimal employees and overhead. Mosquito Authority offers excellent new franchisee training whereby you’ll leave training with a step by step, 90-day business plan to quickly launch your business. And, for your first year in business, you will be guided to success by your own personal business coach.

Customer acquisition, customer retention and customer service are high priorities for our Mosquito Authority franchisees. We offer our franchisees best in class, cloud-based software and technology to help each excel in all 3 important areas.  Mosquito Authority has a national Net Promotor Score of 78 with its customers. To put this into context, Apple, Costco and Nordstrom have NPS scores in the low to mid 70’s and the national average for all businesses is below 30. Our national NPS score of 78 equates to 4.7 stars - our customers love us! 

The national average of our customer retention is 80%, and some franchisees have a customer retention rate of over 90%. This is achieved through automated, online service technology, tech training and service protocol developed by our PHD led science department. 

Based on the seasonality of our business and the fast growth that this industry sector offers, our franchisees are able enjoy more balanced lives to focus on the things that matter most to them- you can too!

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Incredibly Rewarding To See Our Business Thrive "We made the commitment to invest in a franchise without the complete understanding of what was required to build a successful mosquito control business. We loved the concept of the service and felt we could deliver great value to our future customers. Frankly, we’ve worked very hard to build this into a successful business- and don’t want to give the impression that that a new franchisee can become an overnight success. However, if you asked us if we had the chance to do it over - would we make the investment again - our answer is yes - absolutely! We are at 1100 customers and building; the tools, systems, marketing and support from HQ have leveled up every year. Because of those tools, systems and support, we can easily service our current customers and easily manage continued growth. It's been incredibly rewarding to see our business thrive and look forward to the future!" Marcy and Scott Langdon
Proven Success With A Solid Business Model "When we started looking at different franchise opportunities, many looked good on the surface, but after due diligence, they did not look as rosy as they first appeared. This was not the case with this opportunity, we wanted a business that was a proven success with a solid business model and found it with Mosquito Authority. From the first call for service and the subsequent avalanche of new customer calls that followed, we have experienced steady growth, year after year. Competition has not hindered our growth- experience has taught us there really aren't any limitations to grow our Mosquito Authority business. If anyone states that there are; they are simply self-imposed. Based on the systems, programs and plan Mosquito Authority has developed for new franchisees, anyone who follows it - can be successful!" Rob and Carmen Lynch
More Than Met My Expectations "When I first looked at the Mosquito Authority offer 5 years ago, my big question was what my life would look like running a Mosquito Authority franchise-would it work for me? Today, I can emphatically share that the business has more than met my expectations. I have grown personally and professionally, and the team at HQ has been there for me every step of the way. Economically speaking- on a scale of 1 to 10, owning a Mosquito Authority franchise is definitely a 10 for me and my family!" Nathan Crow

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