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At Morano Gelato, we give our customers an amazing gelato experience. We make a traditional Sicilian-style gelato from scratch, every morning. Learn more about this exciting opportunity, now!

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Morano Gelato
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Minimum Cash Required $100,000

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Morano Gelato - Franchise


We give our customers an amazing gelato experience! Morano Gelato promotes the tradition of true Italian gelato-making and gives our customers the entire experience, from the excitement of walking through the door and seeing a beautiful display case to slowly savoring each taste in a shiny & clean shop which transports customers to an artisanal gelateria in a small city in Italy. This is why we may have Italian TV or radio playing and why all employees must wear a uniform. These elements help foster a professional and traditional Italian environment.

We make a traditional Sicilian-style gelato from scratch, every morning. Made with primarily water, Sicilian gelato is much lighter than Northern Italian gelato and even less in butterfat. We also use only the best and freshest ingredients, importing many from Italy and sourcing the rest from local farms within each community we’re in. We have a passion for gelato and maintaining the tradition of true Italian gelato-making, and will continue to do so through each of our small batches made on-site daily.

At each Morano Gelato location, we make 12-16 different flavors fresh each morning that change daily and seasonally. We post which flavors we make on our shop's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages so that customers can see what flavors are available along with new flavors when they are introduced. We also serve a selection of traditional Italian espresso drinks using Illy espresso - one of Italy's oldest and highest quality espresso brands based out of Northern Italy. Our dedication to traditional Sicilian and artisan gelato using excellent recipes ultimately distinguishes us among other gelato shops in America. There are no quality-oriented and traditional gelato franchise companies who have a strong presence and Morano Gelato is positioned to be the major player in the industry.


At Morano Gelato, we are committed to serving the freshest and highest quality products we can create: from gelato, sorbet, and granita, to espresso and Italian hot chocolate. Like other food artisans, we wake up early to start gelato production and finish in the afternoon so that each flavor is consumed within hours of its extraction from the machine. Our gelato is an extremely fresh product and we make it from scratch every morning and aim to sell out every evening. This ensures the highest quality gelato for our customers.
We take pride in our high standards and traditionalism during a time period where most gelato shops in this country are choosing to make familiar American flavors or looking to be edgy without fully understanding the science behind gelato-making. We’re devoted to improving our gelato and will continue to introduce new flavors based on those found in Italy or inspired by a community we’re in, but, our dedication to tradition will ultimately distinguish us among other gelato shops in America. We’ve chosen to set our own path and return to a lost art, combining traditional and modern production methods to make and continue to strive for exceptional Pure Italian Gelato.

Major Advantages of opening a Morano Gelato Franchise

  • Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Small footprint. Our shops are 800 to 1,500 square ft. and it is easier to find great real estate opportunities in popular markets
  • Having a small footprint also means the stores are easy to get up and running and have lower construction costs and lower overhead (rent)
  • Reduced labor cost. From an operational standpoint, the business is efficient to run and requires only minimal staff versus other larger restaurant concepts
  • Limited but high quality menu. Our Gelato has been voted the Best Gelato in America!
  • Lower Food Cost for Gelato and Sorbet. The margins for coffee and espresso drinks are also strong
  • Simplistic business model that is easy for an entry-level franchisee to manage and execute
  • Minimal competition. There are no quality-oriented and traditional gelato franchise companies which have a strong presence and Morano Gelato is positioned to be the major player in the industry.
  • Morano Gelato has a strong presence on social media, connecting directly with its customers through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by posting daily flavors and photos
  • Business model provided (no restaurant experience required)

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