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At Miller's Roast Beef, we love what our family has built over time, our customers love it, and we are confident that you will, too. We are seeking entrepreneurs who have a background in food service or business management, and who understand the value of pursuing positive results through hard work. Learn more now!

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Miller's Roast Beef
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $100,000
Net Worth Required $300,000
Total Investment $300,250 - $620,400
Year Founded 1972
Home Office Location East Providence, RI

Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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Miller's Roast Beef - Franchise

Our History
Since 1972, Miller’s Roast Beef has been a dining institution in and around East Providence, Rhode Island, serving a variety of
mouthwatering sandwiches and outstanding sides to satisfied customers of all ages.

Our first restaurant OPENED NEARLY HALF A CENTURY AGO, when Henry and Ruby Miller made the decision to follow their entrepreneurial dream of owning a restaurant in their local community — and that restaurant soon became a popular destination for many customers and an icon on the local food service scene. A second location followed in Attleboro, Massachusetts, after years of consumers’ clamoring for more Miller’s Roast Beef, showing that the model can be replicated effectively. Over the years, Miller’s Roast Beef has remained FAMILY-OWNED AND OPERATED, with the founders’ direct family still at the helm of the company and involved in every aspect of the business.

Not only have multiple generations worked in all areas of the business — with family members often side-by-side in daily operations — OUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS HAVE ALSO BECOME OUR FAMILY. That’s why our guiding business philosophy has always been, “Family Serving Family®". 

Thank you for your interest in Miller’s Roast Beef. We are delighted to have the opportunity to get to know you better and learn about your interests, goals, passions & values and see how they might align with the Miller’s Roast Beef culture that has been created and strengthened over nearly 50 years! 

We put “people first” in everything we do. We feel if you do the “right thing” and put people first in every decision and action, then things fall perfectly into place. We truly believe in doing what is right, treating others as we would like to be treated, and leading by example — all which naturally bring positive results.

The great traditions that have been built over time at Miller’s Roast Beef carry on today. We have always been defined by QUALITY FOOD, EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE, AND A CONSISTENT DINING EXPERIENCE. We are obsessed with providing a high quality, consistent product and experience — meeting the demands of today’s consumers. We spoil our customers, because they deserve it! We work hard to source the finest ingredients, continually improving our efficiencies in operations, and we take pride in our never-ending commitment to training, motivating, and empowering individuals who are part of the Miller’s Roast Beef family.

Our team has always worked together as a family and we are now excited to have the opportunity to work together with like-minded individuals and expand the Miller’s Roast Beef family. If you share our commitment to and passion for fresh, handcrafted sandwiches and a classic, extraordinary approach to customer service, then congratulations, you’ve found an EXTRAORDINARILY UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to be a part of — Miller’s Roast Beef is for you!

The Miller’s Roast Beef brand and family is positioned for more growth through our franchise program and we invite you to be a part of it! Join us, and TOGETHER WE WILL BRING MILLER’S ROAST BEEF RESTAURANTS TO NEW COMMUNITIES — and introduce others to the secret that we’ve cultivated for the past nearly 50 years!

We look forward to getting to know you and learn about your goals.

Training and Support
AS PART OF OUR TEAM, you will have nearly 50 years of industry experience behind you, every step of the way!
You will have the valuable opportunity to work with franchisors who are actually “walking the walk and talking the talk.” We are in our store daily interacting with customers, evaluating products, refining processes, and working with staff to ensure that the most magical experience happens for customers consistently!

The Miller’s Roast Beef franchise development and support team is made up of individuals who are actively involved in the operations and support of the original corporate stores. In addition, we have made a commitment to limit the number of corporate stores that we have so that WE CAN SUPPORT ALL OF OUR FRANCHISE OWNERS and help you run your Miller’s Roast Beef locations as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We believe that every franchise owner is a vital part of the Miller’s Roast Beef family, and we are committed to supporting the long-term growth of all our restaurants. Our years of “boots-on-the-ground” experience will be AVAILABLE TO YOU, WHEN YOU NEED IT: 

  • Guidance on Site Selection - We will provide feedback on the site selection information you share with us. This includes a REVIEW OF PROPOSED LOCATIONS as well as guidance on negotiating the lease.
  • Build-Out Assistance - As you prepare for the build-out of your restaurant we will share recommended designated architects, review site adaptations and provide resources for construction drawings. And prior  to your restaurant opening, we will CONDUCT A FINAL SITE VISIT to ensure the layout and décor reflect the Miller’s Roast Beef brand.
  • Access to Approved Suppliers - To bring efficiency to back-end operations, all franchise owners will be DIRECTED TO  DESIGNATED SUPPLIERS for food ingredients, paper and other restaurant supplies,  architectural and accounting services, social media, music, security and uniforms. This will allow you to focus on day-to-day operations and processes — while also growing your business.
  • Confidential Operations Manual - You will also receive a comprehensive operations manual to help establish processes and  procedures essential to the operation of your Miller’s Roast Beef restaurant. This guide will  include information on restaurant management, recipes and food safety, reporting, front and back of house protocols and other IMPORTANT BUSINESS FUNCTIONS. 
  • Pre-Opening Training - The Miller’s Roast Beef franchise program includes a COMPLETE TRAINING PROGRAM for you and your key staff, provided before the launch of your restaurant.  
  • Ongoing Support - Our team will also visit with you onsite as you launch your business, and periodically consult 
    in the development and growth of your business. In addition, you will have access to refresher training opportunities, and REMOTE SUPPORT WILL ALWAYS BE AVAILABLE by phone or email to assist with questions that arise during day-to-day operations.
  • Brand Equity and Marketing Support - You will have our full support in developing and reviewing materials for local marketing and advertising campaigns, as you bring the iconic Miller’s Roast Beef brand to your local area.  
    As a franchised Miller’s Roast Beef restaurant owner, you will have THE RIGHT TO USE OUR  ESTABLISHED TRADE NAMES AND LOGOS. It’s instant recognition that you can’t beat! 


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