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Matco Tools is the fastest growing, automotive tool franchise providing professional tools, equipment, and storage for technicians that work in independent repair shops, dealerships, small engine repair, farm and industrial service, marine, motorsports, and even aviation. Matco provides our franchisees with the tools to build their future.

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Matco Tools
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $20,000
Net Worth Required $60,000
Total Investment $72,000 - $170,000
Year Founded 1946
Training & Support Yes

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We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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Matco Tools - Franchise

Own Your Own Matco Franchise. Get Paid to Play with Tools.
You could qualify to get up to 100% of your start-up costs covered through our in-house financing. Matco will provide you with all the tools and support you need to start and grow a successful mobile tool franchise.
Franchise Opportunities
Matco Tools is the fastest growing, automotive tool franchise providing professional tools, equipment, and storage for technicians that work in independent repair shops, dealerships, small engine repair, farm and industrial service, marine, motorsports, and even aviation. With over 60 years of national brand experience, Matco provides our franchisees with the tools to build their future while they provide the highest quality professional tools and service that technicians trust. From financing start up, to delivering quality products and outstanding customer service, Matco is committed to enabling every franchisee to realize the dream of successful business ownership.
Owning A Matco Franchise

Most people work for someone else because they have to, but many of those dream of having the freedom of being their own boss. It is this sense of freedom that drives individuals to look at owning a Matco Tools franchise. The ability to call the shots yourself, take time off when you need it, and have more control over your income makes owning a franchise a very desirable option for making a living. As a Matco Tools Distributor, you work for yourself. Work harder and smarter and you can put more money in your pocket while being able to enjoy the flexibility to cheer your kids at their weekend games. Matco Tools strives to make that dream a reality with an award winning Matco Tools franchise for nearly 1,500 people throughout North America. These Matco Business owners, whom we call our distributors, are the lifeblood of the Matco business model.
Advantages of Owning a Franchise
Looking for the freedom and flexibility of owning your own business but concerned about overhead costs, large initial investments, and hiring employees? A mobile franchise opportunity like Matco Tools might be the right choice for you. Mobile franchises like Matco Tools have been around for years and are a great alternative to a brick and mortar store.
Here are six advantages of owning a Matco Tools franchise:
Lower start-up costs 
With a mobile franchise, the most significant start-up costs are lower. For example, purchasing or renting space in a building can be a huge expense, depending on the size of the space, property taxes, additional fees and the real estate market of a particular neighborhood or area. With a Matco franchise, you’re spending a lot less than you would to fill wall-to-wall displays in a store and there are no leases, space rentals, or costs associated with a storefront.
A reliable workforce—YOU! 
There is no doubt being your own boss can be highly satisfying. Likewise, having no employees to hire, train and manage has its perks, too. Mobile franchises are usually smaller and easily managed by one or two people. So, you can focus your resources on building solid relationships with your customers.
Flexible work hours
Mobile franchise owners can set their own hours and schedules, unlike those who operate traditional franchise stores, which must follow set operating hours. Matco distributors can decide the best times for calling on their customers, and they can arrange their days to accommodate other activities and important responsibilities, such as childcare needs or school events.
One of the biggest challenges of owning a business is increasing awareness and traffic at a store location. Mobile franchises allow owners to travel to their customers instead of waiting for customers to come to them. Plus, Matco trucks provide free advertising as owners travel from location to location, and it continues wherever the truck is parked.
Stronger customer relationships
Traveling directly to a customer helps build trust and strengthens the relationship. Instead of one-off interactions, calling on customers allows mobile franchisees to get to know not only their customers’ names but also their concerns, interests and even their employees or associates.
Matco franchise owners get to see the environment in which their customers work so they can analyze their customers’ needs first-hand. A sales pitch can be much more effective when the suggested product can fill an existing need.
More sales
Often customers need a product but do not have the time or resources to get to a store to purchase it. Mobile franchises bring the products directly to the customers, making it easier for them to make purchases and, as a result, increase sales for the franchisee. Even if a product is not in stock, customers know they can trust their Matco distributor to order the product quickly with virtually no hassle.
Franchise Investment
With a Matco Tools Franchise you can get started with a minimal investment that makes the dream of business ownership accessible. By becoming a Matco Franchisee there are no employees and no real estate investment to drive overhead costs up. That means you can wholly invest in your business and turn a profit quicker without worrying about multiple costs. Plus Matco offers in-house financing to those who qualify, making your franchise investment more accessible. There are many variables to the business that may drive you initial investment up or down in cost, but in-house financing can cover up to 100% of any start-up costs you may incur. Generally, the total initial investment in a Matco Tools franchise, covering a variety of costs, runs from $88,879 to $144,410.
Franchisee Support
Matco Tools franchisees count on Matco to provide service they can depend on. Whether finding a part number for a specialty tool, tracking shipments, or providing marketing materials, Matco’s franchisees trust that Matco’s franchise system will provide the resources and support to keep their business running so that every franchisee can deliver outstanding service and quality tools to their customers.
  • Outstanding Franchisee Support
  • Technical Product Support
  • Marketing Support
  • New Product Support
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Matco offers industry-leading training, on-going field support, pre-identified customers, and in-house financing — everything one needs to launch a successful business.
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