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Nearly 31 million Americans experience some form of low back pain virtually everyday. That says treatment options are not working. LumbarTrac™ is offering a business opportunity that will revolutionize consistent and ongoing treatment for back pain at an affordable cost. Own a LumbarTrac™ studio and make a difference in your community!

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Minimum Cash Required $25,000

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LumbarTrac™ - Business Opportunity

LumbarTrac™ stretches and decompresses the lower spine to reduce and alleviate lower back pain by gently stretching the lower back in the best way possible. You are in full and complete control of how much pull you receive to the lower back.

Some of the features that make LumbarTrac unique are:

  • LumbarTrac™ is completely self-operated. You can easily strap yourself in and provide yourself with the exact amount of pulling force you need for your back for the amount of time you want anytime you feel the need.
  • LumbarTrac™ gives you the ability to easily “micro adjust” your pulling force thereby making the time you spend using it much more effective and efficient. If the pull is to hard your body will fight it rendering the session less effective. If the pull is too light you will not have the pain relief you seek.
  • LumbarTrac™ is made of lightweight aluminum and has wheels and handles which enables it to be mobile and easily moved.
  • LumbarTrac™ is designed and built to last more than a lifetime. The body is made from lightweight non corroding aluminum. The shafts are made from very strong non corroding stainless steel. The gears are the same hardened steel gears that are used in industrial applications. There is no plastic to break or anything that will wear out. Minimum to no maintenance is required depending on the environment you use it in.

The LumbarTrac Opportunity

There are enormous opportunities with the LumbarTrac™ Spinal Fitness Machine. It is so effective at reducing and eliminating lower back pain due to disc compression that 100% of people who have tried it said their back pain was much reduced or gone after the first session. All who were asked if they would pay $50 per month to have use of the machine whenever they needed a “good pull” said they definitely would. LumbarTrac™ is a precision made machine from the best materials to insure generations of care free use. As such, it comes at a hefty price tag for the average person at $2500. Although they are available for anyone to purchase, and were designed for home use, many will rather pay a monthly fee that is less than the cost of one trip to the chiropractor for the same temporary pain relief. They can pay $50 to $100 per visit to a chiropractor or $50 per month to be able to use LumbarTrac™ every couple of days, which is needed for constant pain relief. For the people who can afford to purchase a machine, you as a franchise owner will be paid a 12% commission on any sales you are responsible for generating.

Why LumbarTrac?

Kevin Byrd, founder and owner of LumbarTrac™, knows first hand the damaging effects of low back pain. 

"My back hurt enough to go see a specialist. The MRI and X-rays ensued, and I was preparing my mind for surgery. I was almost begging for surgery. I sought out the best and received opinions from two different neurosurgeons. Neither of them could agree on a surgical solution and informed me, regardless of the procedure, I had about a 60% chance of complete pain relief. Needless to say, I was not convinced surgery was the right solution.

The next several weeks I put my life and job on hold to drive across town on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 30 minute physical therapy sessions. I rolled on a mat, I did “wood chopping” exercises on the universal gym, walked backwards on a treadmill and had traction. I had the distinct feeling that they were time filler exercises. Although, if it had not been for the physical therapy, I would not have known about traction.

The therapists strapped me into the traction machine on my second visit. It took two people to strap the top of my body and someone else to strap the lower half of my body to a small computerized winch. The therapist entered some numbers and walked away. After a 20 minute session my back felt better than it had in a long time! From then on I asked for traction 20 minutes out of the 30 I had in therapy.

The pain relief I experienced from traction was paramount to a miracle. I realized, though, weekly trips to a physical therapist for traction was a poor solution. I decided to research home traction machines and found they were no match for the commercial traction application. Unfortunately, traction equipment made for professional healthcare providers costs between $6,000 and $12,000. 

My research yielded no good results for a self-operated machine that would provide the preferred, personalized pulling force. Not one!

I realized I would have to build my own. That’s how my spinal fitness machine was born. Out of sheer necessity. I wanted something I could make small adjustments to in order to maximize the therapeutic effects, and something that I could use anytime I needed.

This was my lower back pain story and is the same story that is told millions of times every year."


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