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Instant Retail Systems enables unattended retail and rental transactions of virtually any product that can be placed on a shelf or hanger without the need of costly robotics. Our solutions scale from a single shelf to a cabinet to as large as an entire unattended store for both retail and rental. Learn more about the cost and facts now!

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Instant Retail Systems
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $9,500
Total Investment $10,000 - $50,000

Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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Instant Retail Systems - Business Opportunity

About Us
Instant Retail Systems was founded by the same people who created the technology platform behind redbox, which is one of the most successful autonomous kiosk businesses in the world.  We took what we learned from that success and improved on the hardware and the software.  Our autonomous Pickleball cabinets allow entrepreneurs to start their own business which nearly runs itself. In less than one day you can be operating your own business and generating consistent income month after month.

The Best Part?
No guesswork. We have done the heavy lifting: technology development, software tools, niche market research, lead development, supplier sourcing of Pickleball paddles, marketing, ongoing software support, complete training and more. We created the foundation; you determine what heights you can achieve.

If you already have contacts or are an operator of a court or courts, then this technology will boost your productivity and profits.

We take the risk, you get the reward.

Why Choose Us?
Instant Retail Systems is the obvious choice for entrepreneurs looking to earn extra income with minimum involvement.

  • NO franchise or royalty fees
  • NO long learning curves
  • NO tech experience needed (we handle that)
  • NO employees
  • NO long hours

Instant Retail Systems Offers

  • Partnership benefits without partnership costs
  • A hands off business model
  • Ongoing Support - We make sure the software is up and running
  • Complete End-to-End Training
  • A dedicated team of technical professionals
  • A proven, profitable system
  • NO revenue sharing

The Ideal Candidate Requirements

  • Be ready and committed to building a successful business with us
  • Be available to manage and grow their new business
  • Be willing to complete our back office training & support to ensure success
  • Be financially qualified to invest the minimum amounts required (above)
  • An initial investment is $9,500 for the Pickleball cabinet and software activation.  Our partners should have additional capital to invest for shipping, installation, and inventory costs.
  • There is an ongoing monthly back office software license fee of $150 which covers credit card interchange, and software upgrades.
  • You will need to sign up with Sprint for a monthly cellular modem service which will range from $20-$35.
  • After the initial warranty period of 12 months, we can help you with contracting a third party service provider for any needed repairs.

Instant Retail Systems management team has a proven track record of bringing disruptive technology to the marketplace with the redbox kiosk. We’ve developed and over launched 45,000 kiosks to date.  We treat each Partner’s business as if it were our own. Our success comes from years of experience.  Now you can benefit from that experience and success, too.

Training and Support
We’re proud of our Partner training & support.  We provide training & support, combined with a dedicated team to ensure you are successful.

We realize that YOUR success equals OUR success so we work tirelessly to meet and exceed your expectations. Many of our customers come back time and time again and purchase additional units to expand their business. 

Most technical business requires comprehensive training and support but Instant Retail Systems has designed a system that anyone can operate no matter what your level of technical aptitude might be. 

We are looking for multi-unit operators. 

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