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Home Care Assistance

Quick Summary

$1,464,020: average revenue for sites open at least 12 months. Highest performing location had gross revenue $15m last year alone.

Quick Facts

Minimum Cash Required$100,000
Year Founded2002
Military/Veteran PromotionYes
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Military & Veteran
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Home Care Assistance

What Does Home Care Assistance Do?
Learn What it Means to Become Part of Our Senior Home Care Franchise Family
At Home Care Assistance, we are passionate about one thing: serving seniors with kindness, respect and compassion.
Our History
In 2002, the founders of Home Care Assistance were inspired to start their own home care company when they discovered the options for hiring outside care for their own aging parents were not suitable. Most care companies focus on building relationships with hospitals instead of the families of their clients. Our founders saw a need for a home care company that focused on the needs of the consumer—usually adult children searching for the right professional care for their aging parents and loved ones.
Not only were most home care services failing to meet the real needs of their customers, they were also unprofessional. About 9 in 10 were “mom and pop” companies, and even larger franchises operated in a comparable fashion, running home-based businesses or operating from small business parks off the beaten path. In an effort to professionalize the business of in-home-care, Home Care Assistance was born.
In 2005, we began franchising. Our goal was to deliver our revolutionary home care services to more customers in territories throughout the world. Each franchise territory receives the resources, training and support necessary to ensure that their quality mirrors that of the original pilot office. We design each territory and help franchise owners achieve their goals by coaching them through our proven model. To date, we’ve added over 130 locations around the world.
What Makes Home Care Assistance Different?
Here are a few of the factors that continue to set us apart:
  • We focus on clients. We emphasize a concierge-level customer experience and premium, longer-hour home care. We focus on happiness, health and purpose.
  • We focus on families. At Home Care Assistance, we focus on families. We provide our savvy consumers with a home care brand with which they can identify.
  • We focus on professionalism. We also focus on providing our services from beautiful, professional retail storefront locations.
  • We focus on doing things better. We developed our methods for care—including our Balanced Care Method™ and our book Happy to 102—based on years of research conducted in Okinawa, Japan.
  • We focus on wellness. Our CEO, Lily Sarafan, was named the 2016 Woman of the Year by Women Health Care Executives! The programs we’ve created are the most groundbreaking and revolutionary in the home care industry, including the Cognitive Therapeutics Method™, which is a program developed to keep aging minds sharp and to help delay the onset of cognitive decline.
Isn’t it Your Turn to Be the Boss?
What Is the Process of Becoming a Home Care Assistance Franchise Owner?
If you are interested in learning more about becoming a franchise owner with Home Care Assistance, we encourage you to contact us. Our field team can provide you with the information and resources you need to decide whether or not this decision is right for you. For each franchise prospect our team works together to provide a customized path to ownership. This process includes weekly calls with strategists and franchise owners. We provide the information potential franchisees need to make an informed decision.
Contact Our Office for More Info About Our Industry Leading Programs & Care
Most of our franchise owners are family teams just like the original individuals behind Home Care Assistance’s pilot office. We view helping other franchise owners as family helping family. At Home Care Assistance, we understand this business. Our goal is to help you run the best business in home care with the understanding that this will take a commitment from both sides. We encourage you to contact our corporate office to learn more about joining our franchise family.
Training for Home Care Franchisees & Caregivers
Get a Coach, Friend & Strategist Every Step of the Way
At Home Care Assistance, we believe that it is important to provide our franchisees with all the resources and tools they need to provide the best service to their clients. To this end, we work hard to have a rich library of training tools and resources available. Our franchise training and support system is unparalleled in the home care industry and we believe it is part of the reason for our continued success.
Initial Five-Day Training Program
The initial program we provide our franchisees lasts five days and takes place at our global headquarters. Topics covered include:
  • Operations
  • Client care
  • Employee care
  • Marketing
12 Month Marketing Program
Our Marketing Team has developed a month-by-month action plan that will prove invaluable as you start your business. Your success matters to us—it reflects our own! We want you to be successful in building a recognizable, reputable brand within your community. Using this plan, you will immediately start generating leads, building key relationships with referral sources and building awareness around the Home Care Assistance brand in your community.

Contact Us

Home Care Franchise Opportunities Are Available!
Every day, over 10,000 people turn 65. As the baby boomer generation ages, the senior population is expected to double over the next few decades. Now is an incredibly opportune time to consider joining the best in-home care franchise system and become your own boss!Every aspect of Home Care Assistance is developed to improve the in-home care industry and fill its need for exceptional care. We are industry leaders dedicated to changing the way the world ages.



“No one else provides the concierge level of in-home personal care that Home Care Assistance does!”Andy, franchise owner , Richmond
“This business is NOT a commodity when you have the programs, support, and systems that we employ at Home Care Assistance. We stand out – consistently.”Lori, franchise owner , Columbus
"Because we are with our clients for so many hours per day, we have the opportunity to really become a positive force in helping him or her live the life that he or she wants.”Matt, franchise owner , Lincoln
“People come in and immediately sense our professionalism, our empathy, and that there really is something unique about us – something that just can’t be experienced over the phone.”Ted, franchise owner , Scottsdale, AZ

Military & Veteran Promotions

Home Care Assistance offers 10% off the franchise fee for veterans.

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  • Dr. Kathy Johnson - Founder

Press Releases & Awards

3/30/2017 - Home Care Assistance to Host Breakfast Seminar Discussing Secrets to Success in Fast Growing Senior Care Franchising for Tampa, Florida Area Residents
2/9/2016 - Voted One of the 10 Best Cities for Successful Aging, Home Care Assistance Announces Availability of New Franchise Territory in Toledo, Ohio
2/1/2016 - Home Care Assistance Announces Immediate Availability of 12 Regional Master Franchise Opportunities in the UK
1/12/2016 - Home Care Assistance Announces Immediate Availability of New Master Franchise Territory in Singapore
1/11/2016 - Home Care Assistance Announces Immediate Availability of New Franchise Territories in Des Moines, Iowa

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