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Health Plus Marketing

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Own your own health care business today with Health Plus Marketing! Some services we offer include surgical supplies, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, patient payment plans and more. No experience required! Start today with our complete training program and start earning high commissions and immediate income!

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Minimum Cash Required$7,950
Financing AssistanceAvailable
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Health Plus Marketing

Business Opportunity / Authorized Distributor

Health Plus Marketing is Owned and Operated by a Doctor, a former National Sales Manager for one of the largest Pharmaceutical Companies in the World, and one  of the Leading Health Care Practice Consultants in the United States. Through their experience and International contacts, they have put together  a portfolio of Products and Supplies  that are among  the best available in the Health Care Industry. To promote their brands, they are setting people up in business as an Authorized Distributor, and offering them a “turn-key” opportunity.

Your Own Health Care Business!

  1. Health Care Products and Services.

  2. Complete training / No experience Req.

  3. Highest commission schedules.

  4. Immediate Income. 

  5. Your acceptance with the Vendors is cleared through our company.

Your Total Investment: $7950*

100% Financing is available

* The total costs of your investment does not include typical business costs such as telephone and internet service.

NOTE:  Due to our investment in training for Authorized Distributor, we are selective in who we accept in our network.

Did you know… Health Care Sales Representatives typically  earn an income that places them among the Top 10% of all wage earners in the United States.

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