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FRESH - Healthy Cafe

Quick Summary

FRESH - Healthy Café is a global leader in the booming healthy, fast-casual food industry. At FRESH, our mission is to provide our guests with a fresh and healthy alternative to typically unhealthy fast food, while providing our owners and operators with a profitable business model and a brand they can be proud to be a part of. Inquire today!

Quick Facts

Minimum Cash Required$125,000
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FRESH - Healthy Cafe

About Us
Fresh Healthy Café is a global brand with stores worldwide. Unlike many of our competitors, we target and open in only the best of the best locations. We are an innovator and the absolute leader in the booming healthy fast-casual food industry. Today’s customer has an insatiable, growing appetite for nutritious, delicious food and drinks, unlike the unhealthy fare offered by other quick-service food franchises. We are perfectly positioned to meet this demand, providing our guests with an extraordinary health experience unlike any they’ve ever tasted.
We can confidently claim that our menu is unlike anything else offered in the industry. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing mid-afternoon smoothie or a hearty meal 
(including wraps, paninis, soups and salads), every item on our menu is as good for the body as it is for the taste buds. All our food and beverages are made fresh to order right in front of your eyes, using only natural ingredients of the highest quality. 

In the juice and smoothie industry, FRESH Restaurants are uniquely positioned to develop franchise operations around the world. We have affordable products that appeal to people everywhere; our award-winning concept has built-in advantages for global expansion; and our expert team supports our franchisees worldwide.

As a turnkey operation, a FRESH - Healthy Café is thoroughly invested with the benefits of extensive planning and testing. Careful consideration of every detail shows in:

  • vibrant store design - interior and exterior
  • expert selection of ideal location
  • aggressive marketing program
  • highly efficient operations, developed and proven successful
  • comprehensive training, updated yearly
  • our assistance with lease negotiations
  • full spectrum of FRESH recipes
  • professional support with financing
  • expertise in supplier relationships

At FRESH - Healthy Café, we are passionate about our popular products, proud of our award-winning concept, and confident that our proven operating systems are the best in the business.

There are two types of franchise opportunities available with FRESH:

  • Unit Franchises - The franchisee pays a one-time franchise fee and opens a single outlet, with options on additional locations within the market and region.
  • Master Franchises - Area Development: FRESH partners with a local Master Franchisor in each country or region to develop the brand in that market, working with and supporting the Master Franchisor in establishing their own stores and recruiting franchise investors. Master Franchises are available in the U.S. and international markets, providing the developer with exclusive rights in a region.

FRESH locations are in high profile, high traffic street front, mall and airport locations. 

Franchisees can enjoy a juicy return on investment because the smoothie and healthy fast casual food industry is extremely viable, relatively simple, requires low investment, and offers very affordable products. Many markets are seriously underserved by this booming healthy industry. The time is ripe for FRESH. 

The experienced FRESH team supports you with proven marketing, advertising, store set-up, inventory management, business and technical assistance.

The step-by-step process of becoming a FRESH Restaurants Franchisee:

  1. Submit initial application, information kept strictly confidential
  2. Upon approval, meet with FRESH Restaurants representative
  3. Information review and mutual agreement to proceed
  4. Second meeting, review franchise agreement, possible deposit
  5. Sign franchise agreement
  6. Orientation, overview process up to turnkey store opening
  7. Location selected, with FRESH Restaurants assistance
  8. Training of management staff at FRESH Restaurants
  9. Construction completed, store set-up, on-site training, marketing
  10. Open for business!

Your success as a franchisee is FRESH Restaurants’ goal. Our expert global support team is dedicated to ensuring your business is personally and financially rewarding. After all, we’re partners on the same great team: FRESH! 



"I have been involved with FRESH for three years now. I have three restaurants in my region and two more coming up this year. It turned to be a very profitable opportunity for my family, and at the same time “spreading health around”!! FRESH certainly is a pioneer in this industry. Our menu is by far the most balanced and healthy that I’ve seen and people are very appreciative of it. FRESH stays on top of all new and healthy trends and is growing rapidly around the world." Al Krasel , Master Franchisee, North East Ohio
"My brother and I decided to look for a franchis-ing opportunity that would allow us to showcase our more than 20 years of business experience while not tying our hands to extremely rigid cor-porate guidelines. After reviewing many fran-chise opportunities, we found FRESH - Healthy Café. FRESH fit our requirements from day one! We immediately connected with the FRESH Cor-porate staff and felt as though we were business partners rather than remote franchisees. The menu is fantastic with broad appeal and sales continue to grow!"Mike and Bob Gourlay , Master Franchisees, Albany, New York

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