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Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions, the market leader in mobile filtration & fryer management, is a mobile on-site service for restaurants, including large franchises. We guarantee initial customers & allow you to grow as much as you prefer. This is a hot "green" franchise- Request info now!

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Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2023

Minimum Cash Required $25,000
Financing Assistance None
Year Founded 2002
# of Existing Units 150

Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions - Franchise

All About FiltaFry
The Flagship of the Filta Group Brand. FiltaFry is the original cooking oil filtration & fryer management business. The service is an eco-friendly, mobile, on-site service for the micro-filtration of cooking oil and the vacuum based cleaning of deep fryers. The easy to sell client benefits of FiltaFry's proven fryer management system is the ideal solution for restaurants looking to improve food quality, reduce liability, reduce frying costs, and decrease their impact on the environment due to waste cooking oil. FiltaFry has a simple and effective strategy for developing a new client base. On average, over 50% of restaurants who demo the service become long term customers.

Designed to help Filta Franchise Owners increase the RPC (Revenue Per Customer), FiltaCool is designed to offer additional needed services to clients and improve profitability for Franchise Owners. In tandem with the FiltaFry service, FiltaCool is the most effective moisture control system available for businesses that need to control moisture in walk in coolers. The result for customers is lower electricity bills, lower maintenance costs on refrigeration systems, and food that stays fresh longer, thus reducing waste. The result for Filta Franchise Owners is increased RPC with almost no additional work load.

Again designed to help Filta Franchise Owners increase the RPC, the waste oil collection service, FiltaBio has been introduced. Once the cooking oil has come to the end of its life, Franchise Owners can collect the oil and immediately remove it safely from the customer's site... no waste oil drums or containers continually attracting rats and other unwanted issues.

From there, the oil is purified and sent to be made into bio-diesel, the safe and environmentally friendly alternative to petrochemical based diesel. The result is a revenue generating service offered from the same van with little additional workload.

A Broad Customer Base
Potential and current clients include multiple professional sports stadiums such as mile high stadium, hotels, restaurants, bars, office & factory restaurants, roadside diners, universities, sports venues, airports, fast food outlets, hospitals, schools - in fact anywhere food is fried and/or there are cold storage units.

Full Support Provided
Franchise Owners receive an intensive sales training upon acceptance as a Filta Franchise Owner. While at Filta's headquarters in Orlando, Fl. Filta Franchise Owners learn our proven sales and operations strategies which have been continually developed and improved for over 15 years, since FiltaFry was first offered as a franchise.

Upon completion of Filta's extensive in-house training, Filta provides you infield training with an existing Franchise Owner and an expert Business Development Manager who will train you how to maximize your potential using field tested marketing strategies that have made many Filta Franchise Owners successful.

Is Prior Business Experience Necessary?
While the Filta Franchise opportunity is designed to be mastered by anyone, Filta has identified several key personality factors common in their most successful Franchise Owners. For this reason, they have become fairly selective in who they offer the opportunity to. Business experience is a plus, but by far the largest determinant of who they accept into their franchise system is a strong will to succeed.

Financial Requirements
Interested candidates should have $15,000 available in order to qualify for this opportunity.

How Can One FiltaFry Van Be So Profitable?
  • Filta: Is internationally recognized.
  • Filta: Involves a weekly repeat service to each customer in an exclusive, protected territory.
  • Filta: Only requires a small customer base (30-40)
  • Filta: Can be run from home, with low overheads, simple administration and minimum stock.
  • Filta: Is in demand because of the increasing global trend of environmental sustainability
  • Filta: Guarantees initial customers.
  • Filta: Gives you the opportunity to grow as much as you want by building single or multiple van operation
Franchise Opportunities available in all US states and several countries.


When our franchises make money, Filta Group makes money. The last thing we want is for a new Franchise Owner to secure what could have been a profitable area, and not fulfill its profit potential. It is for this reason that we have implemented a more stringent standard for who we accept as new Franchise Owners in 2010. If you meet our quality standards, there is an extremely high chance you will join the successful ranks of Filta Franchise Owners. Jason Sayers

Press Releases & Awards

24 Jan, 2012 - Restaurants That Use the FiltaFry Service Can Now Save 5% or More on Their Insurance Cost
8 Oct, 2012 - The Eco-Friendly Filta Franchise Targets Local Markets by Providing its Franchisees Free Eco-friendly Marketing Materials
8 Oct, 2012 - Franchise Owners Benefit from Filta’s Annual Franchise Conference held in Orlando
16 Jul, 2013 - Filta Expects to Grow All Over the North East States & South America
31 Jul, 2013 - Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions Franchise Announces Its 2013 Brand Ambassadors
9 May, 2016 - Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions Announces Innovative Staffing Support to Franchise Network
9 May, 2016 - Filta Announces Corporate Sponsorship of The Oceans of Hope Foundation in 2016
15 Jun, 2017 - Filta Group Customers, Franchise Owners, and Employees Raise Over $5,000 for Oceans of Hope Foundation
15 Jun, 2017 - Filta DrainFoam Earns EPA Safer Choice Label
14 Jul, 2017 - Filta’s Philanthropic Initiative Empowers Employees to Support Causes They Are Passionate About
14 Aug, 2017 - Legendary Philadelphia Eagles Player To Be Keynote Speaker During Filta’s 2018 Conference

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