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Factory Donuts. Always Hot. Always Fresh. Made to Order. Factory Donuts is a unique donut specialty franchise with an experience like no other. This simplistic concept is an emerging brand that will take on a life of its own in a short period of time. Learn more now!

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Factory Donuts
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Minimum Cash Required $50,000

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Factory Donuts - Franchise

Our Story
Growing up in families that had a strong work ethic was an attribute that David and Heather utilized by expanding into several businesses. Throughout the years David and Heather have developed several successful franchises in the Philadelphia market. Understanding that hard work, dedication, passion and commitment is a key role in successful entrepreneurs; David and Heather have always had the dream of starting their own concept.

Heather's passion for cooking and baking for their family and friends led her to start making homemade desserts. One of her most complimented desserts was the fresh, hot, homemade donuts. Each and every time we made these donuts for our family and friends the reaction was always the same, “WOW, these are delicious, when can we come over again for more donuts”? They decided it was time to take their skills they had developed from operating successful franchises and create their own concept from inside their home to the city of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia.

Factory Donuts is more than just a business of making great tasting donuts and coffee. It’s a culture. At Factory Donuts you will be part of a family; whether it’s as an employee or as a franchise partner. The founders' background and their beliefs for a well operated, highly efficient, and value oriented business strategy make Factory Donuts a stand out business model that others strive to be.

Business Model
The business model at Factory Donuts is about simplicity and efficiency. Donuts are a billion dollar industry and growing. The idea of a fresh, made to order donut along with premium coffee drinks is a segment that Factory Donuts will fill.

Founders' Experience
Becoming a franchisee in any industry can be extremely overwhelming. When the founders of Factory Donuts developed their concept, they understood from their previous franchising background what needed to be done in order to give their franchise partners the support and structure that was most important to help each individual grow their business.  Having been franchisees in multiple brands and understanding the needs from both sides gives Factory Donuts franchise partners an edge in today’s business industry. The founders vision, passion, experience and knowledge are key attributes that give franchise partners a reason to be part of the Factory Donuts family.

Operational Requirements
Factory Donuts is awarding franchises to individuals who are committed to the same values as the founders; pride, passion, detail oriented, commitment and fulfillment.  The values of individuals and operational requirements go hand in hand within our establishment. Whether you are an experienced business entrepreneur or a corporate executive, our staff will guide you through the process of opening and operating your own Factory Donuts.


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