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Profitable Amazon FBA Brands For Investors! No prior knowledge required or huge time investment. We build the entire business from scratch for you! Learn more about Ecom Addictz now!

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Ecom Addictz
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $30,000

Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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Ecom Addictz - Business Opportunity

Generate Extra Passive Income With An Automated Amazon Brand
Past experiences have shown that it can be complex to set up your own Amazon business without prior knowledge. This is exactly where Ecom Addictz comes into play to support you on the way to your success.

Over 600 of Our Clients Already Benefit From Our Unique Concept:

  • We build your Amazon business completely for you.
  • Access to our expert know-how.
  • No prior knowledge is required.

We are a Diverse Team Working Worldwide
Our team is comprised of 200+ seasoned e-commerce professionals, with over a decade of experience and over 30 million in revenue generated for clients in 2021 alone. As part of culture, we love to remain very diverse.

Our Process - Have a look at our 4 step process for building your Amazon business.

  • Product Research - After your strategic call with one of our experts, we’ll find suitable and profitable products for you.
  • Import & Launch - Our experienced team handles the import smoothly. Afterwards we launch your product on the Amazon.
  • Sourcing - We improve the product to create a clear difference from the existing competition in the market.
  • Scale Your Brand - After the initial product launch, we constantly optimize your product so that it remains a top performer.

Why Should I Go for a Turn-key Automated Amazon Store? 
During the pandemic, online shopping resulted in an additional $174.87 billion in e-commerce revenue in 2020, with online sales accounting for nearly all gains in retail in 2020. This is the first time in history that ecommerce sales accounted for all retail sales gains, with Amazon alone representing nearly one-third of all U.S. e-commerce sales.

How to Get Started
If you want to invest in a proven asset that gains value over time and produces value, you are in the right place. However, learning how to start an Amazon store can require a lot of research and trial-and-error. Without help from experts like us, you may lose money before you make any. Slash the learning curve with the expert help of our world-class team.

Our service has allowed business owners and entrepreneurs to generate a consistent passive income stream that’s completely hands-free. We will help you with every step along the way to ensure that your store produces a profit as quickly as possible and your store becomes a respected brand that only grows with time. 

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