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Discover a unique program that combines a passive income with something everyone loves: introducing CuppaLOVE Office Coffee Service! Bring coffee shop drinks and more to local businesses with this unique, low-cost business program that requires ZERO real estate investment and only takes about 90 days to get started. Royalty free, territory free.

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Minimum Cash Required $25,000

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We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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CuppaLOVE - Franchise

Office Coffee Service is a tremendous opportunity - nearly $40 billion a year is spent on coffee in the US! Coffee shops are wonderful businesses, but they require large real estate investments, lots of employees, and large advertising budgets. There is a lot of risk with a brick & mortar coffee shop, and many close all too soon.
The office coffee service business has all of the benefits of a traditional coffee business as well as the benefits of the thriving vending industry.
When you provide coffee service in a business break room or waiting room, you’re able to serve delicious drinks to a captive audience - without the overhead and headaches of a storefront, AND you don’t have to be there most of the time! Your commercial coffee machines vend drinks of all flavors and sizes to give your customers the right start to their day or that much needed pick-me-up after lunch (and in many cases, both!).  Imagine a passive way to run a complete coffee service! 
Welcome to CuppaLOVE!
Our simple and straightforward business startup plan has been tested and perfected over nearly 30 years. Your new business program includes:
  • A three day in-person training boot camp with trainers who are actual business operators - they speak from experience, not from a manual!
  • 90 days of Coaching and Mentoring Program. You’ll be paired up with a personal coach and mentor who will help you make the key decisions in the first months of your life as a new business owner, to help you stay on track and build the momentum to succeed.
  • Our commercial coffee machines, configured to serve a variety of the most popular drinks preferred by hot beverage drinkers across the US, like cappuccinos, café lattés, and even mochaccinos and hot chocolates!
  • Our proprietary locating program will provide you with high quality locations in your local market - all without the need for you to cold call or EVER go door-to-door
There’s so much more exciting news and information to share - request a call from one of our business coaches and we’ll introduce you to the wonderful, profitable world of Office Coffee Service!

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