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One thing Barmetrix is known for is inventory control—we're the leaders in the industry. But one thing we are not is an inventory control company. We're a consulting and coaching firm. We focus on inventory control because it's an ultimate need for hospitality operators. If they can't control their inventory, they simply can't stay in business.

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Barmetrix - Restaurant Business Consultants
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Minimum Cash Required $80,000

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We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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Barmetrix - Restaurant Business Consultants - Franchise

Who Do We Work With?
Barmetrix works with owners, operators and managers of restaurants, pubs, bars, clubs and hotels:

  • Locally owned businesses and ownership groups that operate from 2-15 venues
  • Local restaurateurs or pub owners with just one location

We focus on working with the top 10 -20% of the marketplace—making great businesses even better!

What Makes Us Unique? 
We’ve been perfecting out our services since 1999, and having worked with thousands of operators, we’d developed tools and solutions that deliver measurable results for our clients. 

The primary service we provide is outsourced inventory control that helps bar/restaurant owners by identifying areas of their business where they are losing real cash. But we also offer these services to help our clients realize greater profits:

  • Food control audits 
  • Guest service evaluations
  • Bartender evaluations 
  • Competitive pricing strategies
  • Customer service strategies

 Would you be a good fit with Barmetrix? We’re looking for a few key traits:

First of all, while having a hospitality background is useful, it is not a requirement. Many of our top Barmetrix Partners do not come from the industry. Below are the most important attributes we are looking for in potential partners:

  • A Passion for seeing others succeed - Barmetrix is a service based business looking to help other service based businesses, so we’re looking for people who bring a level of excitement and a real passion for helping others succeed. 
  • Sales and marketing ability - Notice we didn’t say “experts” or “experience”. We have a fresh (and successful) approach to marketing your business. It’s all about connection. Connect with your prospects, clients, and the community. Our Partners ARE the brand and it’s the connections and relationships you build and nourish that will produce big wins for your operation..

Connect with your prospects, clients, and the community. Our Partners ARE the brand and it’s the connections and relationships you build and nourish that will produce big wins for your operation..

The Barmetrix Difference - Training, Mentorship, Teamwork
When you join the Barmetrix team, you become part of a very hands-on family. Everyone is focused on bringing positive change to the hospitality industry

Not only do you get tools and proven solutions for common problems faced by your clients, you’ll get the support of the entire network and the home office, all working to advance your business in your local market.

Here’s a peek at what you’ll receive as a Barmetrix partner:

  • Comprehensive Online Training Program that you do from home
  • 1 week of hands on training in Annapolis, MD
  • How to run audits (software/technique)
  • How to sell Barmetrix Inventory Services
  • How to quote clients
  • Understanding standard Barmetrix reports
  • ABC’s of coaching clients on reporting
  • Business operations basics
  • Direct Coaching and unlimited tech support
  • Webinars and marketing tools
  • Regular software updates
  • License to operate in your territory
  • Access to a very close knit community of experienced Barmetrix operators who have achieved what you want to achieve
  • Yearly Conferences to connect with the whole Barmetrix Community

Press Releases & Awards

25 Oct, 2018 - Barmetrix announces office and partner in Brisbane
25 Oct, 2018 - Barmetrix announces new partner in Perth
1 Feb, 2019 - The Bar Shift – An Interview with Dave Nitzel & Dave Domzalski

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