America's Leading Stem Cell Provider L.L.C. - Business Opportunity

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You do not have to be a licensed doctor to own your own medical clinic. We will help you make a projected net profit of $1,000,000 or more the first year and increasing each year. Learn more about joining America's Leading Stem Cell Provider's team, now!

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America's Leading Stem Cell Provider L.L.C.
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $60,000
Total Investment $120,000 - $0
Financing Assistance Available
Training & Support Yes

Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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America's Leading Stem Cell Provider L.L.C. - Business Opportunity

America’s Leading Stem Cell Provider L.L.C.

Proudly Presents A Preview Of. . .
“The Best Business Opportunity Ever Offered!!”


No Franchise Fee Required

And We Give You “Much” More Than “Any” Franchise

“We Challenge America For Quality”
“Helping People Help Themselves”
Who Never Stop Trying,
Never Stop Believing,
And Never Give Up


It Doesn’t Always Have To Be Someone Else That Makes A Wise Decision To Grab An Opportunity That Makes Them A Multi-Millionaire. Now It’s Your Turn To Make A Wise Decision To Grab This Opportunity So You Can Become A Multi-Millionaire.


You Do Not Have To Be A Licensed Doctor To Be The Absentee Owner Of A
Medical Clinic And Soon Be A Multi-Millionaire.
What Business Opportunity Have You Reviewed,
That Offers “Any” Of The Features Shown, That We Offer You??


  • No Franchise Fee Required, to be the owner of a Medical Clinic with only one product, and with zero competition, Natures Organic Miracle, “Stem Cells, The 21st Century Fountain Of Youth.

    • They give you an exclusive marketing area. We give you an exclusive “Marketing Area” of approximately one million people No Charge!!

    • They give you a product or service and are trying to convince you that it is better than what many competitors have that you will be facing daily. We give you a “Product” that has zero competition because it cannot be duplicated – it is “Natures Organic Miracle”. No Charge!!

    • They give you a marketing plan. We give you a better “Marketing Plan” than any company you will contact! Our Marketing plan will cause thousands of people in pain, in your Marketing Area currently, to visit Doctors that will purchase stem cell shots from the only supplier in your “Marketing Area: - your Medical Clinic. Note: one of the many government websites we will tell you about in our projections, gives an impressive Fact! There is an average of 277,333 people in every one million population area with Arthritis or Diabetes – just waiting for you to open your Medical Clinic. No Charge!! Let the companies trying to get you to pay them a big Franchise Fee match those figures – straight from a U.S. government survey!!

    • Think about this. Why would you even consider giving a Company a big Franchise Fee – for nothing?? We give you much – much more Free!!

  • America’s Leading Stem Cell Provider L.L.C., is known as the “Pioneer” of “Natures Organic Miracle” “Stem Cells, The 21st Century Fountain Of Youth”, relieving more peoples pain than all other ways known to the Medical Profession

  • A Business That Requires A Total Of Only $60,000 Investment, $30,000 when you sign the Investor Medical Clinic Marketing Agreement and $30,000 sixty days prior to your Medical Clinic opening for business. The Company finances an additional $60,000. All of your $60,000 investment is recovered and the $60,000 the Company financed is paid in full, in the first sixty days of operation. This will be accomplished with $120,000 you will collect from your Manager/Doctor’s patients for stem cell shots the Company gave you for the $60,000 you paid the Company. In addition, you can also expect to have a net profit of $240,000 or more in the first sixty days of operation.

  • The Company Will Locate A Doctor To Be Your Manager. The Company has a Agreement with several of the Doctor placement services, with a total of over 100,000 Doctors on file. We pay up to $12,000 for a highly qualified Doctor to be the Manager for each Medical Clinic. Your Manager/Doctor will invite four highly qualified Doctors, a trained Receptionist and a Medical Assistant to complete your staff, to perform all duties to have your Medical Clinic operating according to the Company’s Medical Clinic Operations Manual.

We Will Reach 6 Patients Per Day In every Medical Clinic marketing area in 2020. That is only 168 stem cell patients every four weeks, which is only 2,184 in a year, less than 1% of approximately 277,333 people in pain with Arthritis and Diabetes in each marketing area. Each year there will be more than 2,184 new people in pain in each Medical Clinic marketing area. There will always be patients in pain. The number is growing every year!

The Owner Of A Medical Clinic Makes A Net Profit of $1,000 on every stem cell shot given by any Doctor in their marketing area of approximately one million population. Six stem cell shots per day will make the owner $2,184,000 annually. Who says we stop at 6 per day?

You Will Have $40,000 Or More In Your Bank Account before your Medical Clinic opens for business. When have you ever heard of that happening with a start-up business?? Then, as previously said, in the first sixty days, you should make a net profit of $240,000 or more. We expect every Medical Clinic Owner to make a minimum net profit of $1,000,000 during the first twelve months of operation and growing the second year.

Eagle Inventions, Incorporated and Eagle Investment Group Incorporated, W.G. Elzner President – C.E.O. of both, will each purchase 50 Medical Clinics, total 100. He says “You Investors take the First 200” – “I will take the Rest”!! Jump on this money train and ride with me!!

  • Training In Las Vegas, Nevada: The Company will pay all expenses for transportation and three nights with two days of training, for your Manager/Doctor.

  • One Of The Company’s Trained Regional Marketing Directors will be available for support, training and answering your Manager/Doctor’s questions and concerns Monday thru Friday every week.

  • The Company Publishes A first class and very informative quarterly magazine and brochure named Todays Stem Cell News. Copies will be in our 300 Medical Clinics and thousands of Members Doctor’s waiting room in an attention getting custom made displays. You will learn all about these very important items when you view our very informative website with Mr. Elzner., the Founder and C.E.O. of America’s Leading Stem Cell Provider L.L.C.

  • The Company Will Advertise all Medical Centers and Member Doctor’s in dozens of America’s most popular magazines with Full Page Full Color advertising monthly.

  • Spend Up To Thirty Minutes, On The Phone With W.G. Elzner, Founder and C.E.O. viewing our informative detailed website. He will explain many items and answer your questions, while pointing out certain important information that you can view and read later. Those will include the Company’s L.L.C. documents filed with Nevada Secretary of State on March 30, 2015 along with the current Nevada Business License. You can also read Mr. Elzner’s Personal Bio, telling about his exciting career making Millions of Dollars in establishing national companies with award winning marketing plans. When has the Founder of any Company, you may have considered purchasing their Franchise Opportunity, given you his /her personal attention and “inside information”?

From The C.E.O. Hi, I am W.G. Elzner. I’m looking forward to spending about 30 minutes on the phone while viewing our very informative website that you just viewed a preview of, after you have viewed information about our product – “stem cells”. You will be “excited”, after viewing Facts – Not Fiction about The Best Business Opportunity Ever Offered”. I know after our phone visit, you will say, it really is!! You must have knowledge of our product to understand our marketing plan.

Do You Want To Be A Multi-Millionaire In Less Than Five Years? If so, take advantage of what I, a Millionaire in 1962 at the young age of 26, am offering you – my personal time!! One hour of your time, now, is all you need to make your dreams a reality. Every Company I have founded, since 1962, has created Millionaires and Multi-Millionaires. America’s Leading Stem Cell Provider L.L.C. will be the Grandfather of All. Spend thirty minutes, click on Presentation and land on chapter two of the preview of the website that I will spend thirty minutes of “my time” while you spend the second thirty minutes of “your time” letting you tell me that this is The Best Business Opportunity Ever Offered. Since our “Kick Off” July 1, 2019, every wise business minded person, which had $60,000 and spent the one hour I have just described, is the proud owner of one of our Medical Clinics. One very wise entrepreneur in Arizona not only spent that hour, but spent an entire week doing research. He is now the proud owner, investing $360,000, of all six Medical Clinics in Arizona. It might be wise to stop and think about every word of this paragraph!!


Our Research Keeps America’s Leading Stem Cell Provider L.L.C.,

 In The Forefront Of Everyone, In Medicine Today,

By Using  “Nature’s Organic Miracle, Stem Cells.”


Food For Thought,

The Medical Profession is the only Big $ $ $ business

that is not affected by the weather, politics or the

national economy. When have you seen a Doctor’s

office or Hospital go out of business?


It Is A Fact!!

There Are No Guarantees In Life!

However, When You Join A “Winning Team”

Your Chances Of Being A Winner Are Increased!! 

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