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Operators Nationwide Continue to Find Incredible Success with The BBQ Cleaner Business

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Hackensack, NJ November 6, 2018 - The BBQ Cleaner has announced that its 200th location will open on Monday, November 12th.

The BBQ Cleaner, founded in 2009, has continued to blaze their way across the country with rapid growth year after year with new locations opening all over the US and Canada.

“It’s an exciting point to reach in the road for us.” Jeff Krentzman, Owner and Founder says. “But what we are most proud of is what consistently has been the core reason for all of our success. Our operators nationwide continue to see such amazing success. Some of our operators have expanded to multi-units so quickly to keep up with the demand they see once they open their doors. It’s absolutely incredible. The success stories keep getting better year after year.

So many people with various backgrounds have found success starting their business with The BBQ Cleaner. Whether it be someone looking to escape the corporate world and be their own boss to someone looking to control their own work schedule to be around family more, the success stories keep building for

The BBQ Cleaner’s 200 locations across the US and Canada. When people get the opportunity to start a proven business in hot demand with little to no competition, the possibilities are endless.

“We started our business with The BBQ Cleaner back in 2009. Never in a million years did we dream it would go as well as it has. Our business continues to grow every single year. Even better is we haven’t spent a penny on marketing in 8 years. This business has basically been on autopilot running on repeats and referrals since 2010. We cannot thank The BBQ Cleaner enough for what they have done for us.” Kevin Chavez, Owner of Acme Grill Cleaning in Mesa, AZ said.

2019 is showing signs of another year of record growth for The BBQ Cleaner as new locations are already scheduled to open in early 2019.

“What we have going here is certainly very special. Between the 200 operators who couldn’t be happier being their own boss, or the over 50,000 customers who use our service across North America, we’ve been very fortunate to have some many happy customers around our business. It makes going to work everyday incredibly enjoyable, Krentzman adds.”

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