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Why Start a Cleaning Franchise?

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Of all the franchise opportunities in the world, why should you start a cleaning franchise? An easy answer is that commercial cleaning is an industry that has survived the test of time. Although uncool, cleaning is a necessity that is here to stay. But this answer only scratches the surface. There are countless reasons why starting a cleaning franchise is the next step for you.

1. Commercial Cleaning Is Multidimensional

Commercial cleaning doesn’t fit into one designated niche. It is multidimensional and covers a variety of different industries. Industrial, commercial, education, medical, you name it. Every business or organization needs to maintain their facility either to meet regulations or customer satisfaction. Every building is different, and depending on the industry, will require different cleaning methods that must be continuously learned. Also, the industry will forever be changing thanks to new technology and cleaning standards that improve quality and health.

2. Business Is Steady

Cleaning is a service that needs to be performed no matter what time of the year it is. Each season brings new cleaning challenges and that in turn brings new business. In addition, cleaning needs to be done on a regular basis. There is security in knowing that your accounts will require services for months to come. It is true that competition within the cleaning industry is fierce, but good service always shines. If you can keep your customers happy, you can build relationships that last for years to come.

In some cases, franchise owners are responsible for getting their own business. But when you start an OctoClean franchise, we find new business for you. We do the qualifying and the bidding to make sure the client is the right fit and that you are getting paid the right amount for the space. Since there is a lot of competition within this space, name recognition and relationship building are important to getting new business. Why start from scratch and do it yourself, when you can have a team of experienced professionals help you along the way? You also get access to suppliers, cleaning methods and mentors to help you grow.

3. Barriers to Entry Are Low

A cleaning franchise doesn’t require a storefront. All that is required are the proper insurance policies, the right equipment and the correct cleaning products. Training is also a must especially within specialized industries that require special methods. Like medical cleaning for example where the importance of preventing the spread of infection is a top priority.

With the right systems in place, hiring and training employees can be done at a steady pace. In an article published by cleaning software platform Genio, it is estimated that the cleaning industry employed a total of 3.5 million people in 2015 alone. That is a lot of people. In fact, the industry is set to spur a 6% growth in new jobs by 2020. Starting a cleaning franchise will allow you to contribute to that statistic by providing new job opportunities in your community.

4. More Freedom

Starting a franchise means becoming a business owner, but you still need to comply with franchisor standards. Some franchise opportunities may not allow you the freedom you’re seeking, but it is easy to cater a cleaning franchise to your wants and needs. You decide when you can work and how many accounts you want to take on. You decide whether you want to run a full time operation with many employees or a part-time hustle with just a few. You have the power to make your franchise work for you.

5. Opportunity for Growth

There is a wealth of opportunity to specialize in specific services. Commercial cleaning isn’t limited to general janitorial. You can learn how to manage floor care, carpet care, upholstery care and window care. A survey conducted by 3M, CMM and ISSA, found that a leading reason why people outsource their cleaning to a janitorial provider is that the provider is a one-stop shop, meaning they perform all the services required to keep the facility clean. Their survey determined that it is the fourth most important criteria when outsourcing a provider after reputation, pricing and certifications. Ensuring your franchise specializes in everything means more business opportunities.

Not every franchise opportunity can promise you the freedom that you desire, steady business and the opportunity for growth. Starting your own cleaning franchise is in reach! Before you commit, make sure you have what it takes to be a good franchise owner.

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