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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Image Studios promotes creative, beauty experts to own businesses

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SOUTH JORDAN, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A new salon design promotes entrepreneurship in Utah.  It’s called Image Studios.  Two Utah brothers came up with a business plan that gives hair stylists, estheticians and other beauty experts a chance to run their own business.
The South Jordan location is right off 10600 S and Redwood Road next to Harmons.  It may look like one big building, but inside you’ll find several Utah small business owners all looking for their chance to be creative, have their own space, and do it all for an affordable price.
“To be creative and to be successful in their profession,” said Image Studios Co-Owner Jason Olsen.
That’s the goal behind Image Studios created in 2009.  The business model gives stylists like Tim Muir a chance to have their own.
“When I checked out other studios, this had more to offer. Shampoo bowls, mirrors, and places to put cabinets and places to put your items,” said Alter Ego Studio Salon Owner Tim Muir.
Olsen says you’ll save thousands of dollars with Image Studios compared to other companies.  Inside the building, there’s Tim’s shop, Alter Ego Studio Salon, a few other stylists and even an esthetician.
“It's like a mini-mall of beauty salons,” said Olsen.
I should know because Tim is my hair stylist.  I found out exactly why he named his salon “Alter Ego.”  It’s the transformation to a better ‘you’ when he’s done.
“The fact that I do all types and textures is what sets me a part,” said Muir.
Multi-cultural stylists in Utah are few and far in between.  And with Image Studio’s business model and Tim’s resume, he now boasts more than 700 clients across the nation and across all races.
“Not only black people have kinky hair, not only Asian people have one straight hair, not only white people have soft hair. All races have all textures and when you are a multi-cultural stylist, you deal with all textures,” said Tim.
Tim trains four other stylists, including Celeste, to do it all just like him. So one day they can start their own businesses.  There are five Image Studios locations.  The South Jordan building isn’t at full capacity.  Olsen says he’s waiting for more creative Utahns who are ready to set-up show without a huge price tag.
“A weekly rate that ranges from $150/week up to $350/wk.  That includes all utilities, wi-fi, all the things they need to operate the facilities,” said Olsen.