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Thursday, Jun 11, 2020

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in ecomaids in 2020

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The brand is establishing itself as a competitive franchise and industry trailblazer thanks to its commitment to employee happiness and use of eco-friendly products.

Prospective franchisees will understandably gather quite a bit of information before deciding to franchise with an emerging brand. Fortunately, the environmentally friendly cleaning franchise ecomaids has plenty to entice new franchisees and encourage existing ones to grow. 

“We currently have two locations and are very much focused on the quality of our new franchisees rather than the quantity,” CEO Lindsay Dellasega said. 

Dellasega would like to see the brand open between 20 to 30 locations in 2020 and eventually become a dominant brand in the cleaning industry, one with a reputation of being a great place to work. 

“At ecomaids, we believe culture and fit are critical to success,” Dellasega said. “We only want franchisees who believe in the brand and the business model and are excited to put ecomaids on the map in their market.”

Here are five reasons to invest in an ecomaids franchise in 2020. 

Strong franchisee support thanks to parent company, Happinest 

In 2019, ecomaids joined Happinest, the parent company formed by lawn care franchise Lawn Doctor and the bug-banishing franchise Mosquito Hunters. Thanks to Happinest, ecomaids franchisees can enjoy high levels of support that are not typically available to franchisees with emerging brands. 

“Not a lot of emerging brands have the staff and support that we have at Happinest,” Lawn Doctor Vice President of Franchise Development Eric Martin said. “That’s a solid reason for someone to get into ecomaids—the back office is already there for them.” 

By operating under the Happinest umbrella, ecomaids will be able to offer an even more attractive franchise opportunity. 

“We’ll be able to keep a cutting edge on marketing, respond rapidly to customer inquiries and stay ahead of the competition,” Dellasega said. “We can help our owners with demand creation and fulfillment better than ever before, allowing them to focus on customer care, staff development and retention. The Happinest acquisition will also help us ensure quality growth.”

Profitable business that offers recurring revenue

Ecomaids offers customers cleaning services on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, which lends to a profitable franchise opportunity that provides recurring revenue. 

To this end, the brand encourages positive customer-franchisee relationships from day one. This is done, in part, by sending teams of maids to clean customer homes for a quicker, more high-quality service. Staff members are also bonded and insured before they enter a client’s home, which is not a standard industry practice.

“When you get customers, you can keep them for years,” ecomaids’ Senior Director of Franchise Development Sharon Cupach said. 

A company that keeps it green

Everyone appreciates a clean house, but many people don’t like the chemical smells that cleaning products often create. Fortunately,  ecomaids uses environmentally sound products, resulting in a clean space that won’t harm them or the environment. The brand’s cleaning products are non-toxic, chemical-free and disinfect just as well as chemical-based products. 

“Eco-friendly is very important to a lot of people, and why wouldn’t it be at this moment in our world?” Martin said. “That’s why so many people are opting for organic food and environmentally friendly products.”

At ecomaids, using eco-friendly products costs the same to franchisees and produces results that are just as good or even better, Martin said.  

“By not using harmful chemicals or toxins, ecomaids is keeping up with consumer preferences and industry best practices,” Martin said. “This is no longer just about being thoughtful. If you're not going green, you're behind, so we’re all in at ecomaids. Being eco-friendly in today’s society is no longer simply a consideration, it’s become the expectation.” 

Responsible and caring business owners translate to happy employees

By using products that aren’t putting employees at risk, ecomaids franchisees have the chance to hire workers who are interested in long-term employment. This is boosted by the hiring assistance the brand provides. 

“It’s no secret that employee retention can be difficult in the home services sector, but that’s an issue we don’t really have at ecomaids,” Martin said. “Our employees tend to be happier and stay longer because we use healthier products. Also, Happinest provides a broad range of support when it comes to employee hiring and training.” 

A simple business model 

Ultimately, ecomaids’ simple business model is a major reason to franchise with the cleaning brand. What’s more, an ecomaids franchise does not require a brick-and-mortar location. It’s highly portable. 

“We offer an uncomplicated franchise model with a simple infrastructure that people can easily wrap their heads around,” Martin said. “Since an ecomaids franchise does not require a storefront, we can dramatically reduce overhead. As the customer base grows, owners can scale by adding eco-mobiles to their fleet and eco-techs to their staff. Our eye-catching team vehicles are traveling billboards that tend to make the phone ring with new business when they’re out and about.” 

With its simple business model, top-notch leadership and commitment to the safety of franchisees, employees, customers and the environment, ecomaids is proving why it’s a brand to watch in 2020 and beyond.