Friday, Sep 17, 2021

CyberBacker Is More Than A Virtual Assistant (And Craig Goodliffe is More Than Just Your Average CEO)

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Craig Goodliffe, Real Estate expert and CEO of CyberBacker, is no stranger to innovation. Since 2002, he had spearheaded a thriving real estate empire, growing exponentially with each passing year. By 2015, he was a high-level MAPS (Mega Achievement Productivity Systems) coach for other real estate agents and finding success at every turn.

One constant that ran through Goodliffe's ventures was the concept of remote work and virtual assistants. By the time Goodliffe was off and running with his agency The Good Life Group, selling as many as 203 homes in a year, his entire staff was virtual. Goodliffe saw the benefit of tapping into the potential of virtual assistants. It all began with one woman.

Needing help during the early years of massive growth within his real estate company, Goodliffe did what many business owners do and turned to the internet, in this case, the job listings on Craigslist. He was looking for an assistant, someone to do the behind-the-scenes administrative duties so he could continue mentoring, training, and being the face of the business. He found Daphne.

Daphne was in the Philippines. She assured him she could provide everything the job ad was looking for, virtually and more efficiently than an in-office assistant. Goodliffe decided to take a chance on someone a world away and hired her. Daphne is still with the company.

It was destiny, in a way. Soon after hiring Daphne, Goodliffe ran into a real estate colleague who asked him point-blank, "How are you doing this?". How was he juggling an incredibly productive real estate business and the high-level MAPS coaching of 67 people? Goodliffe explained he had help and he could do the same for his colleague.

Word of mouth spread. Eventually, the CEO of the coaching company asked that Goodliffe set up virtual assistants for all coaches. In 2018, CyberBacker was born.

Focusing on small businesses that may not have the funds to hire a full-time administrative staff, CyberBacker provides top-rated administrative and assistant services from anywhere. The CyberBackers hired work virtually. The idea took off. In 2019, a year into the venture, 253 CyberBackers were employed, many from the Philippines like the original CyberBacker, Daphne.

Goodliffe visited the country in 2018. Recounting the story of his visit for this piece, he gets choked up.

"I saw one of the street children. She was trying to sell a flower. I thought, 'I'm solving the wrong problem'."

Realizing that he could dramatically change the lives of the people he was hiring as CyberBackers in the country, Goodliffe got to work devising a way to reward the CyberBackers for their skills and dedication to the company. He developed the CyberBacker profit-sharing program, and by 2020, $226,000 in profit-sharing was handed to the employees.

"These are parents, brothers, sisters, husbands, and wives. We've created a structure that takes care of them with CyberBacker."  Goodliffe says.

The profit-sharing gives the average Filipino CyberBacker $333, which more than covers a comfortable living plus a little extra to enjoy. Through this novel profit-sharing plan, CyberBacker offers its employees self-sufficiency.

CyberBacker continues to grow, and they have recently branched out to franchisees. As of now, they have five franchisees, and Goodliffe sees potential for tremendous growth in this area.

"We base our success on job creation," says Goodliffe. With that being the case, CyberBacker can be deemed a huge success, even in its start-up phase.

By 2025, Goodliffe sees the potential to have 15,000 CyberBackers on payroll, with 5 million given back in profit sharing. 

"I want to be someone who left something better behind," he says, "Poverty and hunger are real problems. I want to create a structure that makes an impact."

To the 1717 current CyberBackers, his legacy as a CEO who gives back is certainly secured. 


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