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Tuesday, Sep 10, 2019

Franchise Leaders Partner to Form Empire Franchise Group

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The Founders of Detroit Equities and Rising Phoenix Group Join Together to Become the Southeast's Largest Franchise Development Company

ATLANTA, Aug. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Franchise leaders Dennis McKinley of Detroit Equities and Greg George of Rising Phoenix Group officially closed a deal to form Empire Franchise Group. In this agreement, they will acquire 100% of Franchise Genies to create one of the Southeast's largest franchise development companies. Rising Phoenix will invest in current Detroit Equities brands and together they will develop corporately own brands and will also seek to strategically acquire performing brands that have under five units. 


Pictured: Greg George (left) and Dennis McKinley (right) 

The deal will bring a total of 12 brands under their management umbrella. All are expected to close by the end of August.

Food & Beverage Franchises under Franchise Genies include:

Roll On In Sushi Burritos & Bowls, Buzzed Bull Creamery, Mr. Bagel Meister, Barry's Cheesesteaks, Burrito Shak, Thumbs Up Diner, and Peño Grill

Other industry franchises include:

We Clean Dumpsters, The Float Spa X, and No Grease Barbershop

"The Franchise Industry is constantly evolving," says George. "With Dennis and I bringing our resources and experience together, the Franchise Genies brand will serve as a one stop shop and source for everything related to franchising."

"The future brings opportunity, adds McKinley. "Today we are deciding to be a part of the future."
Empire Franchise Group has a significant amount of experience in owning franchises, being the franchisor and taking multiple brands from one off to multi-million-dollar brands. They have been franchisors, franchisees, franchise representatives, venture capitalists and investors so they know what to look for in an emerging brand.

Mr. Greg George has been in the franchise industry for over 20 years and has helped build several multi-million dollar franchise brands during his career. His areas of expertise are in franchise development, brand building, vendor relations, real estate, funding and people development. His knowledge of the franchise process from A-Z has helped countless individuals and business reach their franchising and business goals. His passion is for taking a vision and turning it into reality.

Mr. Dennis McKinley currently leads the Atlanta-based branding company Detroit Equities, which runs the Atlanta-based businesses Cru Hookah Lounge and the Original Hot Dog Factory. Currently, he helps entrepreneurs and small businesses build their brands through strategic investments, and some of his previous background experience also includes real estate, e-commerce, and product development.