Friday, Sep 15, 2017

The Magic We Deserve

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Imagine a world without hatred, hypocrisy, stagnancy, stereotypes, injustice, greed, deception, lies and violence. Imagine a world where you can wear your most true face and dance on the highest mountain top made of chocolate. Imagine a life without stress, anxiety, envy and remorse. A world where cynicism stays on the ground as litter soon to be gone with the wind of romance. A world where you can love and beloved unconditionally and eternally. Where boredom gives its place to completeness and vanity to vision. Where our children play hide and seek near a huge river of marshmallows often stumbling upon blue hair fairies and ambitious Peter Pans. Imagine a world where the Kingdom of Chocolate allows nothing but fun and freedom. Good and best. This is the world we can build for you, for us. This is what CACAO 70 advocates. The magic we deserve, yet we have past betrayed.

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