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Workwear on Wheels is a unique business system that provides work attire to healthcare professionals. What was traditionally offered only through fixed location retail models now is offered to healthcare employees at their place of business in a mobile uniform retail business. Learn more about this niche, growing business!

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Workwear on Wheels
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Workwear on Wheels - Franchise

Unique Retail Model
Workwear on Wheels is a unique business system that fits into one of the highest growth market segments in healthcare. The business model has essentially defined a new market. What was traditionally offered only through fixed location retail models now is offered to healthcare employees at their place of business in a mobile uniform retail business created by Workwear on Wheels.

History of Workwear on Wheels
Mary and Rudy Villarreal developed the model after spending many years operating and developing businesses in the gift and confectionaries industries. It became apparent that there could be a significant opportunity for an organization to offer uniforms to professionals within the healthcare field. Most of the market was currently shopping at fixed location retail outlets that carried a small supply of options and selections for uniforms, they were typically very inconvenient for the customer to get to and could not offer very competitive pricing options. By developing a mobile concept that focused on bringing product to the customer, there was an enormous competitive advantage for Workwear on Wheels.

The business has been built on working primarily with nursing home operations. These are facilities that care for the elderly, they typically have between 60-70 beds in the facility and 25 employees on site. A new account is worth about $8k per year in revenue to the Workwear on Wheels model, but events should average about $3,400 in revenue where the typical customer charge is about $120. 60 accounts will typically make up a full schedule for a truck which means that a truck will typically be able to do about $500k in annual revenue. Hospital events and larger nursing homes can do single events as large as $22,000.

Recently, the organization has expanded with a second mobile operation covering parts of the Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico regions.

Why Does The Mobile Model Work So Well?
Because you bring the service and the service offering into the facility, the service increases morale for the location and the facility. The facility uses this as an offering to their employees and in some cases with larger hospital organizations will utilize the events as a fundraiser for their hospital to generate revenue for the operations. It is critical that the facility offers the service with Payroll Deduction – this is the cornerstone of the business model and 98% of all the revenue is derived through payroll deducted transactions. The service is in demand from markets across the country and can be utilized by facilities in regions from rural to metropolitan. Many of the rural markets produce some of the best accounts because the customers have so few options and are so grateful to have someone come provide the service to them. Metropolitan markets can be competitive, but offer the largest volume opportunities to the business model.

Streamlined Franchise
By franchising the Workwear on Wheels mobile retail locations, the brand will be able to expand more quickly, efficiently and capture a larger market share on a national landscape. The mobile retail model truly differentiates Workwear on Wheels from others in the uniform retail market because the operation literally comes right to the customer. This convenience creates a happy, loyal and extremely consistent customer base. Healthcare workers enjoy the ability to have uniforms that display some of their own personality in how they dress – the colors, designs and other elements can be different from one another. Many uniform retailers do not offer much of a selection and rarely have the sizes that would allow for a customer to purchase what they truly want. Workwear on Wheels has maximized the selection of items offered through a systemized process of displaying and delivering the mobile retail environment. Through innovative systems, the customers can pay for goods through an automatic deduction from their payroll. Everything has been streamlined to deliver a comprehensive and well-structured operating system.

A Simple Business Model
The Workwear on Wheels business model is a relatively simple business model, it can be operated from a home office and does not have the complexities of a commercial lease or overly capital intensive equipment involved in the start-up.

Quality Products
Workwear on Wheels provides products that consist of primarily scrubs and medical uniforms to be worn by nurses and healthcare workers. The products are generally in a narrow range of offerings, but Workwear on Wheels exceeds the customer’s expectations by offering a wide range of colors, sizes and styles within the product mix.

How It Works
An on-site event consists of 8 individual clothing racks ranging from sizes XS-5X, 2 shoe racks, 1 $10 promotional clearance rack, and 1 accessory rack. WOW Scrubs™ offers Men’s & Women’s, 3 pant lengths (short, regular, and tall), prints and solids, approximately 30 foundation colors, and over 17 different styles of shoes (from sizes 5M-12W in women’s, and men’s up to 13). At each event, the entire selection consists of over 4,000 pieces of uniforms and approximately 175 shoes.

Our Vision is to build Workwear on Wheels to be the premier supplier of medical uniforms and supplier of professional clothing as it relates to the healthcare field.

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