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Join the most exciting growth industry since the birth of the automobile. Become a Voltaire Cycles Franchise owner today & open your first E-bike/E-scooter store in as little as 10 weeks. Voltaire Cycles Franchises are exceptional because they provide customers exactly what they want! Learn more about costs, benefits, & available locations today!

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Voltaire Cycles
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Minimum Cash Required $90,000

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Voltaire Cycles - Franchise

Voltaire Cycles Franchises are not just about selling the widest selection of top-name e-bike brands (although the 14 or so brands we currently partner with are the most recognized in the industry). Voltaire Cycles Franchises is about the community of last-mile riders that are adopting this technology into their daily lives.

More e-bikes are sold worldwide now than all other electric vehicles combined - and the U.S. is just beginning to catch on. Think about what this will mean for you as legions of new riders begin using e-bikes, e-scooters, and other e-mobility vehicles for commuting, quick transport, and last-mile runs. It’s happening now, and there are no other retail franchises dedicated to the WHOLE industry; from sales to replacement batteries, accessories, repairs, and customization. Only you as a Voltaire Cycles Franchisee can offer customers the full menu.

Police department, municipal park and recreation departments, tourist programs, rental fleets, are just a few reasons why Voltaire Cycles Franchises are in such demand. Wherever a new Voltaire Cycles franchise opens, a flood of new riders immediately run into the store to buy their first ride. For the top brands, customers can only purchase directly through an authorized dealer.For the best brands, and the best service, customers must purchase directly. But that's telling only half the story. There is an immense interest about these vehicles - from e-trikes to solowheels. Customers want answers. Before making such an important investment, they want to make sure the vehicle won’t quit on them a long way from home. They want to test-ride multiple vehicles, and comparing notes and weighing the pros and cons. Finally, they want to know that if anything happens, you will be there to take care of the problem. It's the same fear that gripped people before they made the leap from horse and buggy, to the Ford Model T.

When it comes to transportation, everyone wants to feel safe and secure. And with new technology, there are many questions. Voltaire Cycles Franchises is the only retailer completely focused on this industry. While other retailers dabble with a scooter or two, Voltaire Cycles Franchises focus on product quality, choice, options for customization, accessories for every type of riding scenario, and most importantly - warranty service.

Voltaire Cycles Franchises is the 1st e-mobility retailer for all personal electric vehicles. Join the e-bike revolution by starting your own e-mobility franchise and becoming the #1 source for all things related to Electric Bikes, Electric Trikes, Scooters, Skateboards, and Solowheels.

If you've been paying attention to the way people are traveling within urban environments, you've undoubtedly noticed that a lot more people are riding E-bikes. You've likely noticed some other things such as electric scooters, and ride-shares. This is all part of a new industry which is taking the latest battery technology and applying it to personal transportation. (Inquire here)

There are now more e-bikes sold worldwide than all other electric vehicles combined! And guess what? The U.S. is just beginning to realize the benefits of having your own folding e-scooter. Why is this important to know? Because Voltaire Cycles is the 1st and only franchise retailer specifically designed to service these vehicles. We not only provide the best brands and latest technology - we also service all makes and models. Just think about that. How many riders will need replacement batteries? Or an extra battery pack? How many will need warranty service? How many will want specially designed Iphone holders, laptop bags, and carrying cases? 

Voltaire Cycles Franchises provides an extraordinary opportunity to become your neighborhood's leader in e-bike sales, service, rentals, and accessories. We provide the complete blueprint for setting up your store and service department, training your team, and providing all of the necessary supplies and core manufacturing groups to make sure you are always the #1 resource in the market.

Voltaire Cycles Franchises isn't about a single brand with a single line of products. We are about diversity, choice, and the very best in technical service. If you have ever dreamed of owning a successful startup that truly capitalizes on opportunities provided by a major new industry, then Voltaire Cycles Franchises is the answer. Complete the inquiry form below for a personal conference with the founding owners and start your journey to personal freedom and security today. You will need a minimum of $100k in liquid capital to open a Voltaire Cycles Franchise.

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