Village Vesl - Your Community. Your Digital Start-Up - Business Opportunity

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Village Vesl allows you to launch your own digital startup with technology that combines the explosive growth of mobile, SMS, and online video with the power of social media. With a mobile application, video creation platform, and powerful SMS capability - in your brand and territory – you will offer a revolutionary service to small businesses.

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Village Vesl - Your Community. Your Digital Start-Up
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $9,000
Financing Assistance Available
Training & Support Yes

Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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Village Vesl - Your Community. Your Digital Start-Up - Business Opportunity

The Role of the Entrepreneur
Local entrepreneurs who operate a Village Vesl service are making a major difference in their communities. They’re promoting commerce and loyalty at the local level by providing an efficiently priced digital marketing solution for small businesses. They’re helping solve communication challenges for local businesses and merchants in a digital age that has moved predominantly online and to the mobile device.

What You Receive

  1. A feature-rich mobile application in a brand of your choosing. You give us the name, we'll build it (we're happy to provide input during the naming process if you'd like). **A recurring revenue opportunity.**
  2. A cutting-edge video creation platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to enable streamlined video creation for any small business. Imagine providing real estate agents or local car dealerships with an ability to instantaneously ‘video-enable’ every listing on their site. Your video product can also be used by businesses to create video for social media and newsletter distribution. **A recurring revenue opportunity.**
  3. SMS Messaging. Enabling your small business customers to send text messages to a customer's mobile device. Allow your small business customers to leverage text marketing for direct, business-to-consumer communication. **A recurring revenue opportunity.**
  4. Standalone mobile apps for any interested business or other community organization. An opportunity to allow small businesses to launch their own mobile application. **A recurring revenue opportunity.**

Benefits to the Entrepreneur

  • An all-encompassing digital/mobile service that includes a revolutionary form of geo-fencing and video creation, combined with SMS and push messaging capability, an auto-enrollment/auto-redemption loyalty platform, consumer-to-business chat, public/private groups and much more.
  • Your own brand, logo, colors – YOU OWN THE BUSINESS
  • Territory exclusivity
  • Set your pricing
  • Recurring revenue
  • Low barrier
  • Ongoing enhancements
  • Limited overhead
  • Build community
  • Branded Website
  • Support system
  • Launch within 60-90 days

All You Do is Sell
Village Vesl handles everything for the entrepreneur – technology development, launch, maintenance, feature enhancements, training and more. The entrepreneur focuses solely on the marketing of his/her service to small businesses for a monthly fee and residents in the community, who use the service for free.

App Installs Are Not a Hurdle
The service also comes fully loaded with SMS and messaging capabilities, and an automated video-creation platform, so entrepreneurs provide value to small businesses regardless of how many users have installed their application. Village Vesl is the only digital offering of its kind, with no direct competitors and tools that provide small business customers with the power of direct, one-to-one contact with interested consumers where they spend the majority of their time – on their mobile devices.

A Social Purpose
Village Vesl was created with a social purpose: to provide communities large and small a mobile service that enables residents, small businesses and the many groups and organizations that make up our towns and communities, the ability to stay connected in safe and exciting ways.

A Different Approach to Local
We are local, with local representatives living in the towns where they operate a Village Vesl service. These are our neighbors, they live in our communities, and they have a genuine interest in what goes on in the community.

The Ideal Candidate
In any business that’s based on interacting with people on a daily basis, success requires people skills. If you’re a people person and you’re thinking about launching your own business with Village Vesl, you can check the most important box.

Here’s a brief list highlighting the qualities that best describe the entrepreneurs we seek to license their own Village Vesl platform:

  • Wants to be in businesses for her/himself.
  • Enjoys people.
  • Is a great listener.
  • Is a clear and effective communicator.
  • Is a problem solver.
  • Is a total professional.
  • Has a willingness to learn new things.
  • Possessing a love for tech and gadgets is an obvious plus.

Training and Support
We provide ongoing training and support in a variety of forms.

You will have three initial training sessions shortly after your agreement is finalized. We’d prefer to schedule these sessions before your service is launched but will work around your schedule to find a convenient time. The initial training sessions can take place (1) in person, or (2) via web conference and video demo. In-person sessions are not mandatory. The initial training sessions can take anywhere from one to three hours each. We then conduct an ongoing Success Planning Program, in which all partners are invited to participate. You’ll also have regular access to a Village Vesl team member.

Opportunities to purchase 'master licenses' also available.


"I used to be intimidated by technology. But Village Vesl is so easy to use. I became an expert almost overnight and my sales are booming."Dee Hart

Village Vesl - Your Community. Your Digital Start-Up Video

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