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"Enriching Brilliant Minds Every Day... In Every Way." Village East Gifted franchises have entered a market at a perfect time. They are an integral part of the U.S. supplemental education market which is now in the top 200 of fastest growing franchises on the planet. Learn more about the costs, benefits, and available locations today!

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Village East Gifted - Supplemental Education
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $30,000
Net Worth Required $100,000
Total Investment $21,900 - $160,436
Franchise Fee $19,900 - $24,900
Year Founded 2007

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Village East Gifted - Supplemental Education - Franchise

About Us
Most supplemental education franchises are only offered afterschool for remedial students or those who want to improve their academic performance in school. Village East Gifted, established in 2007, offers a highly-creative, academically-rigorous curriculum, both live and virtual, exclusively for gifted students or those performing above grade level, ages 4-15.

All lessons are presented at the high school level to ages 4-15 and adapted after determining the highest level of comprehension in each class. Through the years, VEG has become a "prototype society" for higher learning providing remarkable, mind-expanding experiences through its Phillips RBM (Reawakening Brilliant Minds) Approach®.

This trademarked teaching methodology offers non-linear, intellectually-challenging lessons with a strong emphasis on the perfection of the written word.

Weekly classes are held during the day (ages 4-5), after school (grades K-10) and on the weekends (grades 2-10) between September and June. Summer STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) workshops are offered during the day and evenings in July and August.

Our Mission

  • To provide a learning environment facilitating creativity, and intellectual growth
  • To adapt the curriculum according to each student's intellectual abilities
  • To endorse the importance of writing proficiency
  • To present curriculum in all subject areas to help develop new interests
  • To offer academically rigorous lessons in exciting, entertaining ways
  • To make every class challenging, engaging, and irresistible 

Our Industry
Out of 73.9 million children, ages 0-17, in the US, over 3.5 million children have been classified as gifted… which does not include the "undiscovered" ones who do not have IQ testing in their schools. In addition, the Flynn Effect, which is the consistent rise in IQ over the past few decades, has led to even more gifted children in need of services.

However, as our schools continue to cut budgets, gifted and talented programs are often the first to go. Why? Because they feel that gifted students, and those performing above grade level, are doing "fine" and don't need help. Consequently, these future leaders have to patiently sit in their classrooms constantly being re-taught what they already know.

While most kindergarteners are learning how to read, gifted students are reading several books a day about human anatomy and dwarf planets. After a short time, their motivation to learn, and eventually, to pursue challenging careers diminishes. Parents begin searching, often when their child is just two years of age, for a program to meet his/her "special" needs.

Village East Gifted franchises have entered a market at a perfect time. They are an integral part of the U.S. supplemental education market which is now in the top 200 of fastest growing franchises on the planet. And this trend is projected to grow 51%... (a total value of $2.04 billion in revenues) by 2026.

Our Franchisees
Our franchisees have the unique opportunity to be pioneers in the field of supplemental education. The benefits of owning a Village East Gifted franchise are numerous:

  • At present, there are no competitors.
  • Supplemental education is now in the top 200 of fastest growing franchises.
  • We have low start-up costs and high profit margins.
  • A daily on-site administrator or manager is not needed.
  • You can operate successfully in an office or storefront location.
  • Public and private school locations are offered using their facilities with minimum start-up costs.
  • The hours of operation can be adapted based on your schedule.
  • It is easy to find teachers that are looking for part-time work.
  • Your teachers do not need knowledge of the subject areas because all the lessons are carefully scripted.
  • Since all students (ages 4-15) have the same curriculum adapted for each grade level, teachers implement the same lessons in all their classes!
  • Your students don't "come and go", they stay for many years.
  • All our reviews are five stars from both the parents and students.
  • Owning a VEG franchise is an opportunity to reawaken the brilliant minds of future leaders renewing their faith and confidence in the educational process.

Our Offerings

  • Owning a single unit franchise allowing you to operate your own Village East Gifted in a protected territory of your choice.
  • Locking down a larger territory and slowly building a series of Village East Gifted locations.
  • Choosing our "Basic Model" which is approximately 2000 ft.² which includes everything you'll need to run a successful franchise.
  • Selecting our "Enhanced Model" which is the 2500 ft.² or more, which includes additional classrooms, furnishing and equipment needed to offer more programs.
  • Opening single units in "Public Schools", with low start up cost, using their existing facilities with reduced franchise fees.
  • Opening a single unit, as a private school owner, with low start-up costs, using existing facilities with reduced franchise fees.

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