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There is no better career then being a Video Scout and living between the lines.  Run a Video Scout office anywhere in the country and experience the rewards of helping others and the financial freedom to work whenever and wherever you want. 

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Video Scout
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Minimum Cash Required $25,000

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Video Scout - Business Opportunity

Become a Scout
There is no better career then being a Video Scout and living between the lines.  Run a Video Scout office anywhere in the country and experience the rewards of helping others and the financial freedom to work whenever and wherever you want.  Whether it be in your  town or you prefer to travel to camps, events, showcases, combines and clinics nationally, there is more work then you can ever dream of or possibly handle. Who wouldn't want to spend their time outside watching sports?
Video Scout is offering business opportunity licensing to the right, passionate people. The methods we have developed over nearly 20 years will ensure your success as you implement our model in your area and provide scouting coverage to deserving student athletes in the form of original video filming and custom scouting reports so that players demand attention and are taken seriously. And our patent pending system of player development for youth events and revolutionary evaluations have been used by the National Hockey League for the draft eligible top prospects in the world and featured on to all 30 professional teams.
No Sales Required
You are not selling anything.  We have purposely taken out the sales process after many years of realizing that most people do not have the needed skills to be a great sales person or do not wish to be one. However, public appearances, speaking engagements and family advisory can catapult your office to another level if you enjoy engaging people and helping to spread the word by educating others of our important mission statement.
You can be a Video Scout part-time after school, in the evenings and on the weekends to start.  However, you will quickly realize the ability to move full-time in no time at all. We are NOT a recruiting service.  We are a TRUE SCOUTING SERVICE and will show you how we are successful by simply doing the right thing. We want honest people who are straight shooters.
The average revenue you can expect to produce from attending and scouting a game for two hours is about $450. This provides a very fast return on your investment.  Training takes place in your city.  We will come to your area and establish your office in one week's time in your exact market so you have live work and a revenue stream immediately; virtually guaranteeing your success.  Video Scout addresses the two most important things any prospective business owner should look for. 
  1. You do not want to get involved in a business that takes forever to realize a profit.
  2. You do not want a business that has a long learning curve.
You can also use our centralized expert scouts for reports so don't worry if your knowledge in a particular sport is a little thin.  You will use our checklists and criteria to evaluate, score and rank players in addition to filming original isolated video on prospects.  We will show you how to find these players and never be turned away.
The licensing fee is reasonable, fair and allows you the ability to realize a gain within just 6 months if you cover just 3 games a week, typically. We are addressing the flawed systems in our industry and simply want to get the word out with as many offices as possible with good people who care and want make a difference.  Our consulting, systems, methods, marketing and every tool we have developed is yours to utilize.
We make owning and running your own regional scouting service extremely affordable:
  • One Time Fee: $25,000*
  • On Going Fees: $10 per video upload

*Current Licensing Fee (subject to change)

The best is left for last, as offices that contribute to our national database of players will also share in the profits realized through our catalog of players who are sold to college coach subscribers.  Content that isn't sponsored during your daily scouting coverage is regrouped and marketed a second time, giving you a second passive income stream.  Your bonus depends on your percentage of players who you have contributed, found, covered and posted.

This Opportunity has a Liquid Capital Requirement of $25,000.

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Press Releases & Awards

14 Mar, 2017 - Connecticut Company Corrects Flaws in Developing and Marketing Athletes in Sports for Every Age Level.

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