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Do you want to be an independent business owner, but still have access to the expertise of a firmly established brand name? When you become a Tuffy® Tire & Auto Service Center franchisee, you get just that. You have the freedom to run your own business with the resources of a proven franchise. Learn more now!

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Tuffy Auto Service Centers
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $100,000
Net Worth Required $250,000
Total Investment $224,000 - $413,500
Franchise Fee $30,000
Financing Assistance None
Year Founded 1970
# of Existing Units 180
Training & Support Yes
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Tuffy Auto Service Centers - Franchise

Franchising Done Right. Period.
With over 50 years in the auto repair industry, we have a network of successful franchisees, and we pass along our cumulative knowledge and expertise to you. Turn the power of the Tuffy name and our system of doing business into your successful operation.

Our Mission Statement
To Provide the Best Automotive Repair Service in the Industry Through a Continuous Commitment to Quality and Customer Service.

There was a time in America when you either did it right or you didn’t do it at all. Your work was your reputation. Character was forged from a solid job well done — again and again. At Tuffy® Tire & Auto Service Center, we still do things the old-fashioned way. The right way. In fact, Tuffy offers full-service automotive maintenance and repair with a guarantee on parts and labor that you can take to any store. Because to us, there’s only a right way. Tuffy. Done Right. Period.

Tuffy History
In 1970, the first Tuffy Muffler shop opened in Detroit, Michigan. To keep up with changing times, we’ve changed and evolved too, from just a Muffler shop to an auto service center. Our service line up currently includes brakes, shocks, struts, springs, alignment, front-end, oil change, mufflers, tires, air conditioning, batteries, starting and charging, flush and fill, and C.V. joints. We take care of all your auto repair needs.

Helping our franchisees to operate successfully and meet the challenges of today’s marketplace is the top priority for the Tuffy® Tire & Auto Service Centers. We provide our franchisees with a proven operating system, and as a result, our franchisees have played a key role in the success of Tuffy.

Why Tuffy
The consumers in your community are shopping for more than price. They want quality and service, too. Tuffy® Tire & Auto Service Centers deliver the quality and service people are looking for at a price they can afford. And because of our outstanding relationships with key suppliers and our collective buying power, you get top quality parts at excellent prices. This buying power that we pass on to you allows you to price your products and services competitively.

When you assure a customer that you’ll replace a part, you can do so with confidence, knowing you use only the best. Your customer then has the confidence in your auto service and a strong warranty that’s good at any Tuffy® Tire & Auto Service Center, as long as they own that vehicle. And when it comes to service, the Tuffy Technical Center is our state of the art training center used for initial and ongoing training of all Tuffy personnel.

Tuffy is committed to staying on top of the new technology and practices in the ever-changing automotive aftermarket. It is our philosophy to provide our customers with quality work performed in a professional and timely manner. At Tuffy, “We Do It Right”.

  • As a franchisee of the Tuffy family, you’ll have the opportunity to work with experienced professionals who have years of experience and are very knowledgeable in building the Tuffy brand.
  • As a Tuffy Franchisee, you’ll be part of a growing and exciting automotive franchise business with strong earnings potential.

Tuffy Support
We are dedicated to the success of your Tuffy franchise and are committed to providing you with world-class support and service based on mutual respect and trust. When you join the Tuffy family, you’ll be part of a group of experienced professionals who have extensive marketing, development, operations, and training experience in the after-market auto industry.

The Tuffy team provides all-inclusive support and hands-on training to help our franchisees maximize our proven business model.

  • Pre-Opening Development
  • Comprehensive Training
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • On-going Support
  • Franchise Advisory Council 


"Kim Kappes, was asked. What has being a Tuffy franchisee meant to you and your family? Kim said, "It has meant everything. Tuffy helped me and my wife Shelley, who also is involved in the business, achieve financial security for ourselves and for our family. I love you guys. If you’re willing to work hard and if you enjoy the sales process, and I do, you can make a lot of money in this business. Anytime you have someone seriously interested in becoming a Tuffy franchisee, I’ll be happy to talk with them and answer any questions they may have."Kim Kappes
"As a young 27-year-old entrepreneur who wanted to take a dream and turn it into a reality, Tuffy took me seriously! Starting from day one with onsite support from District Manager Scott Adams to continued training support empowering my staff to grow. With this support and hard work, I was able to grow into 3 stores in less than 3 years with a plan for more on the horizon. If someone told me five years ago this is where I would be, I would have thought that’s impossible. Thanks for believing in me Tuffy!!"Aaron Suffoletto
"My wife and I have owned a Tuffy® Auto Service Center for almost 6 years, and it has been an excellent experience. My background is engineering and I have led engineering teams, but this is my first experience in a retail auto service business and owning my own business. The training and support from Tuffy allowed us to take a failing location that had been closed and turn it around to become a top-ten store nationally (2015). Tuffy provided training at their facilities, at other store locations, and at my store. In just 8 months we had built a business that was running in excess of $1M/year by following their tenets, procedures, and guidelines. My District Manager Warren is a great guy – he helped me with the hiring of my initial team, gives advice on various issues whenever I ask, has been here to help with the training process, and is always available for questions and to help with any issues that arise. The support staff at Tuffy Corporate is likewise extremely helpful. Tuffy’s CFO Karen and President Roger have been there for one-on-one meetings, support, and advice whenever I have asked. The Director of Franchising Bob is a great guy and helped tremendously with the purchase of the franchise. Barry has helped us at every step with advertising, promotions and our website which has filled our shop with customers. Once they are there, implementing the training on how to run the shop and deal with our customers has kept them coming back. In the rare instance, there is a customer complaint or issue, Bridgette and Warren do a fantastic job of resolving it. Tuffy has a Franchisee Advisory Council which represents our issues, views, and concerns and works with Tuffy for our benefit. Overall this has been a very rewarding experience, a lot of hard work, and an opportunity to control our own destiny." Jim Heim
"Tuffy is amazing. Tuffy has successfully combined integrity, efficiency and experience into the franchisee recipe. Their support system is instrumental in creating an environment where anything is possible and success is expected."Jeff Denney

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