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With more than 400 locations in over 30 countries, The Little Gym is the world’s premier enrichment and physical development franchise for kids ages four months to 12 years. Ranked #1 in Children’s Fitness Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine, our best-in-class training and support adds up to a business opportunity that is both serious and fun!

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The Little Gym
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $70,000
Net Worth Required $150,000
Total Investment $181,450 - $431,500
Franchise Fee $49,500
Financing Assistance None
Year Founded 1976
# of Existing Units 445
Franchising Since 1992
Home Office Location Scottsdale, AZ
Military/Veteran Promotion Yes
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The Little Gym - Franchise

Finding the Perfect Fit

Choosing a franchise to invest in can be a complex decision. You must feel comfortable and confident knowing your choice will meet your goals. At The Little Gym International, Inc. we go through a similar decision process. We spend a significant amount of time choosing the right franchise owners to join our growing family. We don’t simply sell franchises; we award them. We are very selective about who we feel can effectively deliver our brand promise, as well as who will share our mission. Once territories are awarded, we are committed to helping our franchise owners succeed. As you strive to give children the best foundation for success, we strive to give our franchise owners the same opportunity. We’ll provide you with the tools, training, support, and resources needed to launch your The Little Gym business, and be with you every step of the way.

Becoming a kids’ fitness franchisee allows you to:

  • Become your own boss
  • Gain control of your workdayMake a positive impact and give back to your community

Passionate About Children? So Are We!
Want to own a business working with children? The Little Gym International, Inc. offers the exciting chance to combine your passions with your career. We've been named a Top 500 Franchise and a Fastest-Growing Global Franchise Brand by Entrepreneur magazine. Combine your love for children and entrepreneurial spirit and join us in spending every day brightening children's lives.

A Fun Environment, A Serious Purpose
With over 400 locations across the globe, The Little Gym is the world’s premier enrichment and physical development center for children four months through 12 years. For over four decades, The Little Gym has helped millions of kids experience the thrill of achievement, develop new skills, and find new confidence. You can become a part of this exciting journey.

Join Our Growing Network
Founded in 1976, The Little Gym® is now the leading children’s enrichment company and offers a unique business franchise opportunity. Over the past four decades, The Little Gym programs have helped millions of kids experience the thrill of achievement, develop new skills, and find new confidence. Along the way, we have worked hand-in-hand with our franchise owners, helping them to build rewarding businesses while positively impacting their local communities. Recently ranked as the #1 Children’s Fitness Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine, our best-in-class training, support, and consulting all adds up to a business opportunity that is both serious and fun!

The Little Gym Story
The Little Gym International, Inc. began as the idea of one man who wanted to do something significant for children. Robin Wes, a musician, former gymnast and kinesiologist, created The Little Gym concept in 1976 to help children develop vital motor skills in a fun, musical and noncompetitive environment. Robin envisioned a place where children could reap the benefits of physical activity, while enhancing their social, emotional and intellectual skills. Today, his original vision serves as a springboard for life’s adventures and a fun franchise opportunity.

Choose the Kids’ Fitness Franchise with Over 40 Years of Experience
For over four decades, The Little Gym has been impacting the lives of children throughout the U.S. and the world. Our non-competitive, nurturing environment gives kids a space where they can grow socially, emotionally, and intellectually. We are a global leader in the industry and offer a unique opportunity that has garnered an impressive collection of awards.

An Award-Winning Opportunity Awaits
Our countless awards speak volumes about why we are the best children’s gym franchise. We are honored to continuously be recognized for the dedication of our franchise owners. A few of the awards we’re most proud of include:

  • #1 Children’s Fitness Franchise by Entrepreneur magazine
  • Top 50 Franchise Satisfaction Award by the Franchise Business Review
  • Best Global Children’s Center by Wealth & Finance International
  • Top 200 Franchises Around the World by Entrepreneur magazine

These are only a handful of the recognitions we’ve received.

We Give You the Tools to Grow
From experienced consultants to comprehensive training, The Little Gym gives you all the playbooks you need to succeed. We provide extensive marketing and finance support and innovative HR and IT resources for both new owners and established franchisees. You’ll go into business for yourself, but you’ll never be by yourself. These resources will allow you to focus on what matters—your customers, and making a positive impact in your community.

Why should you choose The Little Gym franchise?

  • Extensive experience. Over 40 years of experience has allowed us to modify and improve our model and our fitness franchise owner’s experience.
  • Best-in-class customer service and support. We provide training, consulting, marketing, IT, and several other resources to maximize your success.
  • Proprietary curriculum and technology. We invest heavily to ensure we stay ahead of the competition and provide great experiences for our franchise owners, their teams, and our customers.
  • Unique program structure. Our Three-Dimensional Learning approach is a proprietary philosophy that incorporates physical activity and helps children grow into well-rounded super-kids.

The Little Gym International, Inc. makes getting started easy. We have immediate opportunities in all markets. We are excited to hear from you and look forward to accomplishing amazing things together!

Military & Veteran Promotions

For United States Veterans and Active Duty Military, Reserves, National Guard and Coast Guard, The Little Gym International, Inc. is offering a 50% discount off of the franchise fee when opening a gym in the U.S. Savings may vary.


"Do you know anyone who eats, dreams, sleeps, and breathes The Little Gym? My family does just that. It’s been twenty years since my brother suggested we look at a family business. He was 23 and had been out of college for several years and was developing into a fantastic sales guy. I was in college, immersed in college life, with no plans to get involved in a family business; my dad was a successful corporate executive; my mom owned her own consulting business—we all had our own areas of interest. And then my mom and brother discovered The Little Gym. The rest is history, because we all became engaged in the business of The Little Gym. Funny how things happen—I worked for the gym after I graduated college, taught high school English, then fell right into the entrepreneurial dream when we opened our third location where my husband and I lived. Today our family proudly owns and operates five The Little Gyms."Karalyne Ley
"In April 1999, Bill began working at The Little Gym. He was in college and was looking for part-time work on the weekends. Being an education major, he always enjoyed working with kids, like pretty much everyone that works at The Little Gym. He immediately found himself enjoying the positive atmosphere. In February 2000, Katie was hired to work birthday parties while still in high school. Katie and Bill began working birthday parties together every weekend! Quickly, they began teaching classes as well, and soon after, moved into manager positions at The Little Gym. They enjoyed working together and shortly after began dating, got engaged, and got married in 2005—Bill even worked with Randy to write a song to Katie, "TLG style," as a surprise wedding gift that was presented during the reception! Even in the early part of their relationship, Katie and Bill talked about one day opening up their own The Little Gym. They always felt that part of it was real, part was fantasy. In 2007, Katie and Bill were approached by someone that wanted to be partners with them and open up their own TLG. They thought long and hard and decided to go for it. The situation was perfect because they could stay close to home and family. Finally, fantasy was becoming reality! On April 6, 2009, their dream came true! Katie and Bill opened up TLG of Brecksville. They started their gym with an amazing team and were successful from the beginning. Soon after, they knew they wanted to become multiple gym owners. On April 3, 2013, they took over ownership of The Little Gym of Westgate and on June 15, 2015, they became the newest franchise owners of The Little Gym of Twinsburg. On top of living life as successful multiple gym owners, they have three beautiful girls who come to The Little Gym with them each and every day and now have a 4th child. Anjali, Jaz, Kailiana, and their newest addition have become the "mascots" for their The Little Gym! Although both Katie and Bill work many hours in the gym, they are living their dream! The most rewarding part of owning a The Little Gym is being together as a family in such a family-friendly atmosphere and being in an environment where kids want to learn and have fun. They also love the freedom of being their own bosses!"Bill & Katie Fetsko
"I believe there are two types of The Little Gym owners: those who find The Little Gym, and those where The Little Gym finds you. In my 11 years with The Little Gym family, I have seen both. I was amongst the latter. I went to school for theater; I wanted to entertain for a living. During college, I did an internship at Walt Disney World. It was there I realized how much I truly loved and was energized by working with children. It's also where I met my husband Peter, who's been on this crazy journey with me since then! After Disney, my good friend told me, "You're going to work at The Little Gym. It's perfect for you." My interview was in a wild and crazy 3-year-old class. I ran around, I dried tears, I laughed so hard it hurt, and I left with a huge smile on my face. That class started my The Little Gym career, and a whole new portion of my life. I worked at the gym in Scottsdale, AZ, for the next 5 years, and reveled in the successes and confidence that The Little Gym program built in children and their families. I then worked at The Little Gym International as a Training Specialist for 5 years, opening up gyms around the world and training teams both new and seasoned. Those 5 years built my business acumen and showed me the characteristics and work ethic distinguishing a successful The Little Gym from an unsuccessful one. I learned that The Little Gym concept works anywhere. It's the individuals who own and run those gyms that make or break the business. I wanted to be able to implement the great ideas I had seen from hundreds of gyms around the world to give families the impactful, meaningful The Little Gym experience they deserve. After 10 years in The Little Gym system, Peter and I purchased our very own The Little Gym in Fenton, MO. Every day, I am rewarded by the successes children and parents have every week, the self-confidence we build, and the relationships developed between children and their parents. Our daughter loves growing up at The Little Gym; she climbs the rock wall every chance she gets, and cries when she can't go into each class. Her confidence has grown by leaps and bounds and talking to children and parents are natural for her both at the gym and anywhere else. We love watching her friendly, happy personality shine through as she gains more and more comfort and confidence every day. Although I couldn't have anticipated owning my own business when I started this journey 15 years ago, The Little Gym has helped me become a better person, parent and mentor to my team and parents."Peter & Heather Maurer
"What starts out LITTLE sometimes has a tendency to turn into something BIG. That’s what has happened to us and we would not have it any other way. Our approach did not include business degrees, nor corporate world experience but a ton of hard work and vision. Many years of risk after risk and challenge after challenge has set us up to be rewarded by the smiles we see from the children at The Little Gym each day, the development and growth of our amazing team and the freedom and stability of owning this amazing franchise concept. Now as our children, all five of them, who have grown up in the business, get older we are excited about what the future holds. Many more new locations are in development as we are more passionate about The Little Gym today than ever before." Chad Musson
"While there is a ton of work associated with owning your own business, The Little Gym International and its team of professionals are with you every step of the way. I have developed many life-long friends within The Little Gym network and I have grown as a person as well. When I reflect on my life, I know The Little Gym we opened has touched numerous lives in immeasurable ways and I am thankful for all The Little Gym has brought into my life."Pat Kelly

The Little Gym Video

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Press Releases & Awards

10 Oct, 2019 - The Little Gym International Celebrates 400th Location

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