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Standard Paints / Wood Defender

Quick Summary

Standard Paints / Wood Defender is a fence staining business that creates daily cash flow with a low overhead. Enter into a profitable business with a minimal investment. Reputable 50+ year old paint company provides a turn-key package that includes everything needed to start a successful fence staining operation. Be your own boss, learn more!

Quick Facts

Minimum Cash Required$7,500
Financing AssistanceNone
Year Founded2005
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Standard Paints / Wood Defender

A Great Self-Employment Opportunity
Reputable 50+ year old paint company has created a remarkable system for staining and sealing wood fences and decks.  It is a high quality, long lasting stain that's applied with a brilliant, easy to learn mobile system.  A "must see" opportunity for anyone interested in a self employment opportunity with an extremely high profit margin, lowstart-up cost and a quick return on your investment.

ST-250 Pro Package
The Wood Defender Pro Package is a turn key operation.  The package includes everything needed to start a successful fence staining operation.  The package includes all tools, materials and equipment to successfully and efficiently complete a staining job.  The Pro Package eliminates unnecessary trips to the store shopping for miscellaneous supplies. If you need it to stain a 
fence, it is included in the package.

The Pro Package includes:

  • ST-250
  • Double Hose Reel Add-on Package
  • Bleach Spray Package
  • Trailer & Accessory Package

The Fence Staining Business
Every year millions of feet of wood fence and deck are installed at residences and businesses across America. Now more than ever before, homeowners are starting to become more conscious about protecting their fence and deck investments by staining and sealing the wood. New fences and decks that are untreated leave this valuable wood exposed to the elements.  Within a few months of construction the untreated wood begins to turn gray and unsightly and the consumer watches their investment deteriorate right in front of their eyes.  With the Wood Defender system, staining and sealing finished wood jobs is a "no brainer" for consumers who look at the proven longevity it adds to the life of their fence or deck.  It's a growing home trend in America and Wood Defender is the leader in helping service companies start up and succeed in filling consumer's needs.

The Wood Defender System
Standard Paints which has prospered in the Dallas, Texas area since 1952, created the Wood Defender stain and application system ten years ago. The high quality, long lasting stain and the brilliantly engineered mobile application system are the #1 ingredients in the success of all parties involved with the Wood Defender program. Wanted and needed by consumers, the Wood Defender product offers high quality and huge profits.

With an average profit of $700.26 per 200 feet of fence stained, the earning potential is limitless. The ease of application of the product enables contractors to stain in excess of 1000 linear feet of fence per day. This performance cannot be expected from competitor's products. Most jobs take less than an hour to complete and our proven methods ensure a clean and easy application of the product. It has been proven that a two man crew can easily spray 100 gallons of product per day.  With an average profit of $50.75 per gallon sprayed, once again, thee earning potential of the Wood Defender program is limitless.

Training And Support
Your involvement and investment into the Wood Defender program starts with a thorough, hands-on training seminar at our facility in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex.  The sales staff and class instructors have had actual field experience applying the Wood Defender product.  Attend the seminar and you will know everything you need to operate the equipment and succeed in the business.  One day spent with the Wood Defender crew is worth weeks of learning by trial and error.  Many of the new Wood Defender contractors leave the seminar with their new system and go directly to a job site!  It's that easy to learn.

Training Classes Are Held Monthly and Cover The Following Topics:

  • Bidding techniques
  • Possible job hazards
  • Marketing techniques
  • Product application
  • Equipment options
  • Cleanup
  • Safety
  • Technical Assistance
  • Distribution of products

Be Your Own Boss
This is an opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs to enter into a profitable business with a minimal investment.  The fence staining business creates a daily cash flow with a low overhead.  This opportunity boasts a faster return on your investment than any other opportunity available.  Starting your own service business with our products has never been easier.

With Wood Defender, There Are No Franchise Fees or Agreements.
We simply offer the equipment, products and knowledge for you to be successful in starting your own fence staining business.  No painting experience is necessary.  Outstanding full time or part time business.  If you are a fence company, landscape contractor, power washer, pool contractor or any entrepreneur who works in the home service industry, you should seriously consider adding Wood Defender to your product line.

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