Stampcrete Epoxy Dealerships - Business Opportunity

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Stampcrete Epoxy Dealer is your stop for decorative concrete. This industry is growing and has unlimited revenue potential. Learn more about joining our team today!

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Stampcrete Epoxy Dealerships
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Minimum Cash Required $17,995

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Stampcrete Epoxy Dealerships - Business Opportunity

Growing Demand
No contractors license or construction experience required!  You are about to learn of the unlimited potential available to a Stampcrete Epoxy Dealer and the income a dealer can make in residential and commercial property.  With millions of old, ugly and deteriorated surfaces in the US and the limited options for property owners, management companies and commercial property owners, epoxy is a simple, quick and inexpensive way to change a bad surface into a beautiful designed look that will increase property value!

Is There An Opportunity?
Take a look around.  There is bad concrete, wood, tile and other surfaces everywhere you look, both inside and outside, and the percentage of those surfaces that have been restored is, we feel safe saying, less than 5%.  Who do you know that has ever done surface restoration with epoxy? Probably no one, and the reason is simple.  Most homeowners and businesses do not even know it is an option.  They think of restoration on concrete as jackhammers, dust and pouring wet cement.  Wood and tile as having to rip out and redo the entire surface. Think of all the money that home owners, businesses, office complexes, entertainment venues, schools, hospitals and more spend to fix their surfaces over and over. This is a big market!

So the real potential for the sale is when you educate your customers!  Do you think a couple replacing their kitchen floor is thinking about beautifying the existing concrete under their current flooring?  What if you told them you could not only give their floor a gorgeous look, but have the floor completed within 3 or 4 days!  Spills, dropped dishes and foot traffic will have no chance.   

Is It A Complicated Process?
No – in fact the first email we send you will have a link to a short installation video.  Anyone can do it.  It is QUICK, SIMPLE and EASY!


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