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Snapology - Franchise

Quick Franchise Summary

Looking for a children’s franchise with low Investment & home based? Keep your job while Snapology provides the tools necessary to operate & manage a thriving business. Snapology’s model is based on collaborative principles. Our flexible model allows your business to grow based on your personal goals.

Franchise Cost, Fees & Facts for 2020

Minimum Cash Required$50,000
Total Investment$35,000 – $70,000
Franchise Fee$24,000
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Snapology - Franchise Information

Your Dream Job Awaits!
Build your future as you inspire and educate the next generation. Start your own Snapology and teach kids using building blocks (like LEGOs) and technology to combine play with education.

Sisters & Founders
Snapology is a Pittsburgh-based company founded by two sisters, Lisa & Laura Coe (both with backgrounds in mathematics and science), after observing the love their children had for creative play using building blocks and materials that snap together.
Benefits of Ownership
  • Be Your Own Boss - It can be scary to move towards making your dream job a reality, but you’re ready to take the first step and watch it come to life. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY
  • Strong Brand - The Snapology Brand and Logo are unique and compelling. Parents and children are drawn to us…for good reason.
  • Low Cost Franchise - Owning a business requires the commitment of time and capital. Fortunately, your investment with Snapology is extremely reasonable. We don’t play games with small territories and our estimated initial investment ranges from $35,100 – $55,000.
  • Large Territories - The size of your territory matters! Why? Because we want you to run a thriving business to meet your financial goals. Our territories are some of the largest in the industry.
Snapology’s curriculum is second to none. We offer over 30 different topics & themes for classes, camps and workshops in addition to dozens of birthday party themes. And, new programs are developed each year. Our comprehensive curriculum is constantly updated with fresh ideas and includes adaptations for various age groups, special needs groups and gifted children. Our goal is to strike the perfect balance of education and fun so the children don’t realize how much they’re learning. Curriculum is mapped to Common Core Standards and meets requirements for many STEM or STEAM grants. From Superheroes & Ninjas to Engineering, Robotics & Animation, we’ve got you covered. With the number of programs we offer, your business partners will keep coming back year after year.
Collaborative Support
We have experts to offer guidance in every aspect of your Snapology business. Throughout the opening process and beyond, we are here for you. Plus, we encourage our amazing network of passionate franchisees to communicate and share ideas on a daily basis. You won’t have to worry about having any unanswered questions with Snapology. We have your back.
Multiple Revnue Streams
Classes, camps, workshops, parties, scouting events, field trips, social skills groups, retail sales, custom events…there are endless possibilities. Plus, we’re always coming up with new programs and ideas. No worries, you’ll to put our flexible, modular curriculum to good use.
Fulfilling Career
Lead a purposeful, rewarding life by engaging children in hands-on learning activities that promote teamwork and inspire creativity. Snapology strives to offer programs in an inclusive environment for children on the Autism Spectrum and children with special needs. Be a part of the team that is building future Scientists, Artists, Mathematicians and Engineers…one brick at a time.
Balanced Lifestyle
Hard to believe but…yes…work can be fun. You really can have it all with Snapology. Discover the joy in working for yourself as you take control of your own destiny. Just imagine how jealous your kids will be when they find out that you get to play with Lego® bricks all day.
Opening a Snapology Franchise doesn’t have to be intimidating. You will have a support system behind you to help make you successful. Complete the form to learn more about becoming an owner!




Thanks Laura!! I have been having a blast last week and this week with my 4 camps! All camps are a huge hit! I am getting a lot of positive feedback from kids and parents. Phone is ringing a lot and emails. The word is spreading! Thanks Anne Gratz, Owner, Snapology of Savannah, GA
Laura is very professional, loves the business and enjoys helping others who want to start their own…I added all of her extensive list of lesson plans and activities to my program and it has been the best decision ever. Snapology has taken my business to the next level and it continues to grow quickly. My phone and email accounts are busy with people wanting to enroll their children! I love it and it was the best decision ever for me! Anne Gratz, Owner, Snapology of Savannah, GA
Business is going great for me…It’s so much fun and the success continues to come. Chad Sthole, Owner, Snapology of Raleigh, NC
I have begun teaching classes around the county and it’s been very well received. My husband and I are thrilled to be a part of it…Thanks again for this amazing business! Tina Hatalsky, Owner, Snapology of Reading, PA