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Smoothie Fresh is a value-driven company that focuses on fresh, organic, healthy, and delicious foods. Our smoothies are crafted using only 100% pure juice and fresh fruit. Fall in love with our Fresh Concept and the opportunities Smoothie Fresh Café will afford you.

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Smoothie Fresh Cafe
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Smoothie Fresh Cafe - Franchise

Naturally Fresh
Smoothie Fresh Café is a value-driven company that focuses on fresh, organic, healthy, and delicious foods. Our smoothies are crafted using only 100% pure juice and fresh fruit.

All Fresh
We DO NOT use filler ingredients such as added sugars, sugar substitutes, sherbets, artificial products, or concentrated juices. We offer only fresh and natural ingredients in all of our foods, including vegan soups and dressings prepared on site. These are the standards that distinguish us from the competition. You can feel good about Smoothie Fresh Café because our smoothies are less than 300 calories, making them a great product to incorporate into your weight loss program. You can count on a friendly greeting and a vibrant experience when you visit a Smoothie Fresh Café store.

Get Ready for a Fresh Business Model
Why the “Fresh”? Smoothie Fresh Café has a unique business model, serving fresh smoothies, fresh squeezed juices, and fresh foods all in one place. First, our smoothies are made with 100% pure juice, not from concentrate, and fruit. That’s it. We use NO artificial flavors, NO sugar or sugar substitutes, NO powders, NO fillers, and NO sherbets or sugary yogurts. This policy alone makes us different from all of our competitors. In addition, we offer only the best supplements available, such our proprietary mix of Super Greens, as well as bee pollen, hemp seed, and chia seed.

We have professional juicing equipment and we offer a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, allowing for an endless number of possible combinations. We have also created many perfect combinations that are ready to order. It’s not possible to pick up a magazine without reading about Juice Cleanses, and this trend can be seen in supermarkets across the country. At Smoothie Fresh, Juice Cleanses are freshly squeezed on the premises, not bottled in a factory and shipped to a location, which depletes the nutritional value of the juice. Another product offered is wheatgrass, which is often difficult to find. At Smoothie Fresh, all juice needs are fulfilled the FRESH way.

Our foods are prepared to order using only fresh ingredients. We cut the vegetables and fruits daily in-store and offer only house-made dressings, salads, and vegan soups. A popular menu combination for a quick breakfast or a late afternoon snack is a smoothie paired with a freshly baked, vegan muffin.

Fresh Support and Technology
Our training system is backed by 17 years of teaching experience, award-winning results. The best way to train is to have clear objectives, give a directed lesson in which the objective is modeled, and provide guided practice, followed by observation and necessary remediation during independent practice sessions. These are the steps that successful teachers use, and these are the steps you can expect from your thorough training program.
  • On-line, on-location, and on-hands training
  • Integrated education modules available for repeated review
  • Training outline and constant support
  • Top trainers with experience in operating a Smoothie Fresh Café
  • Training program supervised by an award-winning teacher, which is accessible by any level of trainee
Fresh is Easy
Smoothie Fresh Café is dedicated to creating a fresh experience for you, whether this is your first franchise or your 50th.
  • Design details and General Contractor guidance
  • Optional service: complete build-out
  • Site selection and lease agreement support
  • Our Operations Manual is a well-organized document that will guide you via step-by-step instructions
  • Supplies are easily attainable and have been sourced out
  • Custom-designed and built POS system featuring easy installation and operation
  • Detailed training and guidance for all store operations
A Fresh State of Mind
Smoothie Fresh Café staff is composed of Smoothie Gurus and Freshies, who are dedicated complementing a fresh lifestyle. You and your employees will find that we have an apt name, as operating a Smoothie Fresh Café is truly a “fresh” experience.

Working at the typical fast casual dining establishment is usually unrewarding for those involved because it’s well known that the food being served is not healthy. This causes employees to have a low morale and negative attitude about their place of employment. However, people involved with Smoothie Fresh Café feel good about the product and this makes the environment more enjoyable. The healthy aroma that greets you, your employees, and your customers creates an instantaneous and automatic feeling of well-being.

You can expect a good feeling about what you are going to accomplish as a fresh partner: Your own Fresh Revolution. Serving freshness to your community is a satisfying and worthwhile goal.

Target Fresh Locations
Because of our Fresh Attitude, we chose our first location in an area that has a high density of health care services and fitness clubs. We are situated next to Flagler Hospital and the health sciences college University of Saint Augustine. In addition, there are numerous clinics and health care providers in the vicinity. The employees and patrons of these organizations love our devotion to their healthy lifestyle.
  • Colleges and shopping malls
  • Area with high density of hospitals and health-care providers
  • Tourist locations with high visibility and foot traffic
  • Adjacent to fitness centers such as gyms
Our location is ideal for areas with an average household income of $50,000+. Tomorrow, as you drive to work, drop off the kids, go to the gym, or go about your day, look at your surroundings with the goal to find the perfect location to Get Fresh!

Smoothie Fresh Has Style!
We are committed to being everywhere people crave the idea of Fresh and Healthy choices. With this in mind, you have options that will meet the needs of your proposed community:
  • Smoothie Fresh Express serves smoothies, juices, and snacks only
  • Drive through
  • Free-standing
  • In-line stores, shopping centers, food courts
Fresh Finances
Let’s first make sure you are prepared to fund your Fresh Operation.

The Estimated Initial Investment chart included in Item 7 of your FDD makes it easy to figure out whether Fresh can be part of your future. As you can see, the investment is worthwhile considering that you will deliver an awesome product for a passionate customer base. If you believe that people need Fresh choices, then you will conclude that the investment of time, energy, money, and love will be fulfilling.

Interested candidates should have $80,000 available in order to qualify for this opportunity.

Discovery Day in Florida
Congratulations on your invitation to our Discovery Day. For this sunny Florida visit, pack up your resort casual attire and leave your typical business clothes at home. Our goal is to help potential Freshies like yourself live the brand’s essence. Your experience is meant to be an interactive process through which we learn about each other and assess the ‘freshness’ of our prospective business relationship. We want our future franchisees to feel that unmistakable fresh vibe!

Let's Meet Face to Face
At this point, you should be falling in love with our Fresh Concept and the opportunities Smoothie Fresh Café will afford you. Similarly, we have moved this far with you, and we are enthusiastic about the prospect of being Fresh Partners!
  • Make a plan with our franchise representative for the next date available for a face-to-face interaction.
  • Be prepared with any questions you may have.
  • Start looking for possible sites!
A Franchise Disclosure Document contains detailed information that must be disclosed to you so that you can make an informed decision before deciding to become a Fresh Partner. The 14-day period before signing is for you to consider this opportunity and to take the time to understand everything. If you are fully informed and aware of the details, we will create a more successful partnership. Share the FDD with your attorney and any other advisor whom you trust. During that time, we will be available to answer any question that you may arise.
  • Terms & Fees
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Obligations of both parties
Your ticket has been awarded and the Fresh Express is boarding now! Don’t miss your fresh opportunity to be a part of the Fresh Revolution!

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