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Since 1998, ResourceOne and its Recruiters have been leaders in the hospitality, retail and entertainment recruiting industry and have experience in many other industries and fields. ResourceOne International offers a franchise which combines a low capital investment and excellent quality of life. Inquire now to learn more!

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ResourceOne International
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Minimum Cash Required $37,500

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We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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ResourceOne International - Franchise

All About ResourceOne

Since 1998, ResourceOne and it’s Recruiters have been leaders in the hospitality, retail and entertainment recruiting industry.

We also have experience in many other industries and fields.  The value that ResourceOne provides to its Local, Regional and National Clientele is evident in the Advanced Networking, Rich National Active Candidate Database, Social Media efforts, Advertising campaign and technology skills our Professional Recruiters possess in identifying qualified A-List professionals.

Our recruiters recruit from coast to coast in all 50 states and have a combined 100+ years of experience both on the corporate in-house and private 3rd party firms.  In addition, we all have operations experience, so we get it.  We are passionate about talent acquisition and live for the moment when one of our A-list candidates is delivered an offer and accepts making the client just as happy as they are about consummation.  Each member of our team possesses the following traits for which we are proud: honesty, integrity, desire, determination, listening skills, effective communication skills, thoroughness, empathy, compassion, and most of all a strong work ethic that delivers results both for our candidates and for our Clients.

ResourceOne strives to provide as many Talent Management Solutions to as many Organizations like yours as we can.


Company Vision
To be the premier recruitment organization servicing all industries with offices in every major and secondary market.

Company Mission Statement
To exceed our clients talent management expectations and goals while providing exciting career opportunities for our candidates.

Company Core Values
Honesty, Transparency, Humility, Integrity, Respectfulness, Fairness

Why Franchise in Hospitality/Entertainment and Retail?
Food service and lodging managers account for the largest number of managerial employees in the country: 1.5 million!  And this industry has posted real growth for 11 consecutive years, despite fragile consumer confidence and economic uncertainty.

According to the National Restaurant Association, the restaurant industry in the United States is a $426 billion industry with 11.7 million employees, making it the largest single employer in the United States!

It is a known fact that most restaurants work with recruitment firms when looking for executive and management personnel.  ResourceOne International has created a name for itself in this highly competitive field and is actively seeking to expand its share of the market by granting franchises to qualified individuals.

The Retail Market Is Huge
According to the National Retail Federation, Retail is one of America’s largest industry sectors.  Retail drives virtually every facet of our National Economy and supports tens of millions of American jobs.  Retail is the leading indicator in a host of economic measures, from job growth and consumer spending to sales and inventory.  Retailers are the employers, large and small that drives employment.  In fact, it accounts for 1 out of 4 American jobs.  Retailers are the “Main Street”-the heart of America around which communities are built, grow and prosper.  The industry fuels innovations that are empowering consumers and transforming the way we live, work and play.  Retail is a force for job creation in every state and market in America.

Growing Markets
Our clients, today more than ever, need leaders and managers and they can’t often find them on their own.  The combination of new job creation and high employee turnover in the industries we support has created a huge demand for highly qualified talent that cannot be met through such traditional means as promotion from within, employee referrals and advertising.  With lean human resource staffs, companies increasingly outsource their recruiting needs.

The billion dollar Executive Search profession stands at the top of the staffing-services pyramid identifying and attracting key managers and professionals for position openings from $25,000 to $100,000 and up (in US dollars).

Such leaders/ managers are almost always happily employed and must be carefully persuaded to change jobs.  Our executive search consultants generally enter the profession after developing solid business skills as managers or as entrepreneurs.  They have strong interpersonal communications skills and the ability to engender trust.  They represent the Client - and the job candidate - and bill the Clients for our services.

ResourceOne International offers a franchise which combines a low capital investment and excellent quality of life.  Strong customer demand and utmost professionalism.  It’s both a business and a profession you can feel proud to be a part of. We are passionate about our craft and live for the connection between a new candidate/employee and client.
We change lives one job and one client at a time.

Why is ResourceOne International Right For You?
We believe the core of any successful franchise is the backbone of the Organization and the support provided by the Brand.  Our training begins in Kansas City where you will spend one full week with Ken Meeks, CEO of ResourceOne International, and his leadership team.  For the past 27+ years Ken has been a Recruiting Leader at both ResourceOne as well as Fortune 500 Organizations.  Ken has trained dozens of Recruiters and hundreds in Operations on Search Methodology.  Ken also provides consultation to the recruiting teams to several Fortune 500 Organizations.

Learn All Aspects of the Business
During your training period, you learn all aspects of the ResourceOne International franchise, including applicant tracking software, proven methodology and systems for identifying suitable candidates, role playing, and other advanced elements of the recruiting industry.  Each Franchise Partner will receive a copy of our proprietary Client Database which represents dozens of clients within the ResourceOne International System.  You will leave training not only fully operational but also with a complete step-by-step Operations Manual for reference.

We Provide Ongoing Support Once You Begin
Once you leave training, you will be supported by the entire ResourceOne International Leadership Team.  Our success is determined by providing the resources that will ultimately make you a successful entrepreneur.  The management team will provide ongoing mentoring and advanced training through webinars, personal consultations and annual conferences.

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